[29a - 51 lines; 29b - 48 lines]

1)[line 7]אלפי שיפוריALFEI SHIFUREI- thousands of shofar blowers (that announce his coming, RASHI Kesuvos 17a)

2)[line 9]דחייצי גברי מאבולא עד סיכראD'CHAITZEI GAVREI M'IBULA AD SICHRA- that people make a wall from the city gate to the cemetery (lit. the place of mourning)

3)[line 16]"הנגלה נגליתי אל בית אביך בהיותם במצרים""HA'NIGLOH NIGLEISI EL BEIS AVICHA BI'HEYOSAM B'MITZRAYIM" - "[And a man of G-d (Elkanah) came to Eli and he said to him, 'So says HaSh-m:] Did I not appear to the house of your father, when they were in Egypt [on account of the house of Pharaoh?']" (Shmuel I 2:27) (ELI'S SIN AND PUNISHMENT)

See Background to Rosh Hashanah 18:5.

4)[line 23]דהוצלHUTZAL- a city in Bavel

5)[line 23]ובבי כנישתא דשף ויתיב בנהרדעאBEI CHENISHTA D'SHAF V'YASIV B'NEHARDE'A- the shul "Shaf v'Yasiv" (so called because the stones and dirt were moved (SHAF) from the Mikdash and settled (YASIV) in Bavel (Aruch)

6)[line 29]ריגשאRIGSHA- tumult

7)[line 30]וקא מבעתו ליהKA MEVA'ASU LEI- they were scaring him

8)[line 31]עלוב ושאינו עלוב מי נדחה מפני מיALUV V'SHE'EINO ALUV, MI NIDCHEH MIPNEI MI- one who is lowly, and one who is not lowly, who is pushed aside in front of whom

9)[line 36]תבורTAVOR- a mountain which came (or its ministering angel came - MAHARSHA) to the giving of the Torah. Its natural location is near the Jordan Valley.

10)[line 38]"למה תרצדון הרים גבננים""LAMAH TERATZDUN HARIM GAVNUNIM"- "Why do you dance, you mountains of majestic peaks"; alternatively, "Why do you wait in ambush, you mountains of majestic peaks" (Tehilim 68:17)

11)[line 40]האי מאן דיהירHAI MAN D'YAHIR- the one who gets haughty

12)[line 41]אדמקיפנא אדרי איעול בהאAD'MAKAFNA A'DAREI EI'UL B'HA- rather than go around the houses, enter here

13)[last line]השקליםSHEKALIM

See Background to Shekalim 2:2.


14)[line 14]במדינהMEDINAH- (a) outside the Beis ha'Mikdash, in Yerushalayim (RASHI and most Rishonim); (b) in the other cities besides Yerushalayim (PERUSH HA'MISHNAH of the Rambam)

15)[line 30]"כסף נפשות ערכו""KESEF NAFSHOS ERKO" - "[And Yeho'ash said to the Kohanim, 'All the money of the Kodshim which is brought to the House of HaSh-m, incorporating] the money of the half-Shekalim, the money of Erchin, [and that a person donates, to bring to the House of HaSh-m; the Kohanim shall take it, each man from his acquaintance, and they shall effect the repairs of the House, wherever a repair is required.]" (Melachim II 12:5). (THE RENOVATION OF THE BEIS HA'MIKDASH IN THE TIMES OF YO'ASH)

See Background to Shekalim 2:19.