[19a - 38 lines; 19b - 42 lines]


1)[line 13]כפיפה מצריתKEFIFAH MITZRIS- a basket made of Tzorei Dekel, the fibrous substance just under the surface of the date palm

2)[line 14]כלי שרתKELI SHARES (a Holy utensil)

A Keli Shares makes holy anything that enters it (Shemos 30:29). TOSFOS to Pesachim 63b DH Midi points out that this applies only when the utensil is in the Azarah.

3)[line 15]וכהן מניח ידו מתחתיהU'CHOHEN MENI'ACH YADO MI'TACHTEHA- (a) The Kohen places his hands underneath (and touches) her hands (TOSFOS DH v'Chohen, RASHI Kesav Yad to Menachos 94a DH Nisma'atah) (This is permissible even if the Kohen is young because the Yetzer ha'Ra has no power for that short moment — YERUSHALMI cited by TOSFOS ibid.); (b) the Kohen places his hands underneath her hands with a cloth intervening between their hands; (TOSFOS ibid., alternate explanation, as understood by the MINCHAS SOTAH); (c) the Kohen places his hands lower than her hands, at the bottom of the bowl, while she holds the edges of the bowl (and they do not touch) (TOSFOS Menachos 61b DH Kohen; see there how Tosfos shows that this is even the intention of the Yerushalmi)

4)[line 16]ומניפהU'MENIFAH- and he would wave it [in all four directions and up and down]

5)[line 16]ומניפהU'MENIFAH (TENUFAH)

Waving portions of certain Korbanos and meal-offerings is called Tenufah; the Kohen, together with the owner of the Korban (when it is not a Korban Tzibur), waves them in all four directions and up and down (RASHI Menachos 62a DH Molich. TOSFOS to Sukah 37b DH Kedei, ponders whether all Tenufos were done in this fashion, or whether some Tenufos only required lifting and lowering).

6)[line 16]והגישV'HIGISH (HAGASHAH)

When a Korban Minchah (flour offering) is offered, a Kohen must take the utensil containing the Minchah and touch it to the southwest corner of the Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon.

7)[line 16]קמץKAMATZ (KEMITZAH)

(a)When an individual who is not a Kohen offers a Korban Minchah (flour offering), a Kohen must take off a Kometz (handful), which is burned upon the Mizbe'ach.

(b)A Kometz is the amount that can be held by the middle three fingers when they are pressed upon the palm. The Kohen puts his hand in the dough or baked goods and removes one handful. He next wipes off the dough or baked goods that stick out, using his thumb and smallest finger, until only the Kometz remains.

(c)The remainder of the Minchah (the Sheyarei ha'Minchah) is eaten by male Kohanim.

(d)A Minchah that is brought by the Tzibur, a Minchah offered by a Kohen, and a Minchah that is brought together with an animal Korban (the Minchas Nesachim — see Background to Sotah 15:9) are entirely burned on the Mizbe'ach.

8)[line 22]לרבי יאשיה דדריהL'REBBI YOSHIYAH D'DAREI- to Rebbi Yoshiyah of his generation; i.e. Rebbi Yoshiyah the Amora (and not Rebbi Yoshiyah the Tana who was also alive at the time; Rebbi Elazar who is mentioned here is Rebbi Elazar ben Pedas the Amora and not Rebbi Elazar Ben Shamu'a the Tana)

9)[line 22]לא תיתב אכרעךLO SEISIV! A'KAR'ACH!- Do not sit down, [but rather stand] on your feet! (TOSFOS to Nazir 24b DH Amar)


10)[line 3]מערערין אותהME'AR'ARIN OSAH- they force her to drink, i.e. they open her mouth and pour the Mei ha'Marim down her throat

11)[line 7]עד שלא קרב הקומץAD SHE'LO KAREV HA'KOMETZ- the Beraisa does not mean that if she drinks before the Kometz is placed upon the fires of the Mizbe'ach, the Mei Sotah will not be Bodek her, because Rebbi Shimon himself states in the Mishnah that she could drink before the Korban is brought. Rather, it means that l'Chatchilah she should drink after the Korban is brought (TOSFOS SHANTZ DH 3 Devarim)

12)[line 13]רישומו ניכרRISHUMO NIKAR- the letters are still recognizable

13)[line 17]כדי נסבהKEDI NASVAH- [accepting the oaths upon herself] was listed [in the Beraisa as one of the conditions that prevents the Sotah woman from drinking the Mei Sotah] for no reason (since the acceptance of the oaths prevents writing the Parshas Sotah, besides preventing her from drinking the Mei Sotah)

14)[line 31]כלבוס של ברזלKALBUS SHEL BARZEL- iron tongs

15a)[line 38]דקהדרא בה מחמת רתיתאDEKA'HADRA BAH MACHMAS RESISA- she changes her mind (and refuses to drink) while she is trembling

b)[line 39]מחמת בריותאMACHMAS BARYUSA- while she exhibits vigor (and defiance)