KERISUS 22 (11 Elul) - Dedicated by Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld and family l'Iluy Nishmas Rabbi Kornfeld's father, Reb Aharon David ben Mordechai Kornfeld, a model of dedication to Torah and love for his fellow Jew and for all of Hashem's creations. His Yahrzeit is 11 Elul.


DO ORLAH AND KIL'AI HA'KEREM JOIN TO FORBID? (Yerushalmi Orlah Perek 2 Halachah 1 Daf 10b)

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[Orlah and Kil'ai ha'Kerem] join with each other both to forbid (Min b'Mino, so there is more than one part in 200 Isur) and [Min b'Eino Mino] to give taste. R. Meir says so;



R. Shimon says, they do not join.

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R. Lazar says, they join to give taste, but not to forbid [Min b'Mino].


Question: What do they argue about?

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Answer: They argue about three Kavim (a half-Se'ah) of Orlah or three Kavim of Kil'ai ha'Kerem [that fell into a mixture of one Se'ah of Terumah and 99 of Chulin. R. Meir holds that Terumah is Batel in 100 v'Od (an addition, even if there are not 101 in all, like R. Yehoshua). The Orlah or Kil'ayim is the v'Od needed to be Mevatel the Terumah, and the Terumah helps to the Shi'ur of 201 to be Mevatel the Orlah or Kil'ayim.]

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However, if three Kavim of Orlah fell [into 100 Chulin, so it was Batel immediately and becomes Heter], and afterwards three Kavim v'Od of Kil'ai ha'Kerem fell, [all agree that] the stack is permitted;


Question: What is the reason?



Answer: V'Od (the excess Kil'ayim above three Kavim) is Batel in the three Kavim [of Orlah], and the three Kavim [of Kil'ayim] are Batel in 100 [Sa'im of Chulin. We explained this like R. SHLOMO SIRILIYO, SEDEI YEHOSHUA.)


Question: If three Kavim of Orlah and three Kavim of Kil'ai ha'Kerem fell [in 100 Sa'im of Chulin] at once (without Yedi'ah, i.e. knowledge in between), what is the law?


Is it as if three Kavim v'Od of Orlah and three Kavim of Kil'ai ha'Kerem fell? (The Orlah is not Batel, therefore the Isurim join, and are Mevatel each other);

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Or, is it as if three Kavim of Kil'ai ha'Kerem fell, and afterwards three Kavim of Orlah? (The Kil'ai ha'Kerem is immediately Batel, so it helps to be Mevatel the Orlah later.)


Note: It seems that R. SHIMSHON on Mishnah 3 explains like this. He compares this to Terumos 5:8, in which a Se'ah of Terumah fell into 100 Chulin, and another Se'ah fell in. R. Shimon holds that Yedi'ah in between permits, for it is as if he separated the Se'ah that must be given to Kohanim, and the Meduma becomes like Chulin. Chachamim permit only if he separated. For Orlah and Kil'ai ha'Kerem, no separation is needed. It seems that we ask according to both Tana'im (PF).