[65a - 23 lines; 65b - 49 lines]

1)[line 1] METAHERES MIN HA'VESES- rid herself of a Veses Kavu'a

2)[line 7] NIS'ES L'MI SHE'EIN LO BANIM- if she married one who has no children [who is unaware that she had already been married twice and failed to bear children (TOSFOS DH Tetzei)

3)[line 9] ?MAHU D'LITVE'UHA HANACH KAMA'EI?- what is the Halachah regarding whether those first [two husbands of hers] may sue [for the return of their Kesuvah]; i.e., has she been now established as barren?

4)[line 10] IGLA'EI MILSA- it has been retroactively revealed

5)[line 12]D'KACHASI- that I have become [too] weak [to bear children]

6)[line 14] ?MAHU D'TITVE'EI L'SHELISHI?- what is the Halachah regarding whether she may sue her third [husband - whom she was prohibited from marrying - for her Kesuvah]?

7)[line 16] ANA A'DA'ATA D'HACHI LO GEIRASHTICH- I never would have divorced you had I known [that you were capable of bearing children, in which case her divorce is retroactively annulled and her children illegitimate]

8)[line 17] , ?IY IHI SHASKA, ANAN MI SHASKINAN?- [if such a calculation is correct, then even] if she does remain silent, do we remain silent [and ignore the fact that her children are illegitimate]?

9)[line 19]BARYASA- that she became strong [enough to bear children]

10)[line 19]MINAH- it is due to her [that we have no children, and I do not wish to give her Kesuvah to her]

11)[line 20] HI KAIMA LAH B'YOREH K'CHETZ- she is able to determine whether or not he shoots [his sperm] straight, like an arrow

12a)[line 21] EIZIL INSIV ITESA- I will go and marry [another] woman

b)[line 21] V'IVDOK NAFSHA'I- and I will check myself [whether or not I am capable of fathering children]

13)[last line]L'MIZAININHI- to provide for their welfare


14)[line 1] APALT B'GO ESER- you miscarried within [the last] ten [years, and I not need divorce you]

15)[line 3] NAFSHAH B'AKARTAH LO MACHZEKAH- she would not establish herself as a barren woman [unless it was fact]

16)[line 6] UVDA HAVAH- there was a case

17)[line 12] ?MINA HANEI MILI?- what is the source of the opinion [of the Tana Kama]?

18)[line 14]"[ , , ' ] - ""U'MIL'U ES HA'ARETZ V'CHIVSHUHA"- "[And G-d blessed them, and G-d said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply] and fill the land and conquer it...." (Bereishis 1:28) - This statement was made to Adam and Chavah.

19)[line 17]"[ ,] ' ""ANI KEL SHAKAI, PEREH U'REVEH"- "[And G-d said to him:] I am the Almighty G-d, be fruitful and multiply...." (Bereishis 35:11) - This verse was said to Yakov Avinu in the singular form.

20)[line 20] LO'MAR DAVAR HA'NISHMA- to rebuke another with words that will be accepted

21)[line 22]CHOVAH- it is obligatory [to refrain from doing so since it is dangerous] (see MAHARSHA)

22)[line 22]"- -; .""AL TOCHACH LETZ PEN YISNA'EKA; HOCHACH L'CHACHAM V'YE'EHAVEKA."- "Do not rebuke a mocker lest he hate you; rebuke a wise man and he will love you." (Mishlei 9:8)

23)[line 25] L'SHANOS B'DAVAR HA'SHALOM- to [relay facts in a manner that] differ[s] slightly [from the absolute truth] for the sake of peace (see Insights)

24)[line 25]"[ -, ,] ' [ : - ! ]""AVICHA TZIVAH [LI'FNEI MOSO LEI'MOR...]"- "[And they commanded Yosef, saying:] Your father commanded [before his death as follows: 'So shall you say to Yosef! Please forgive the offense of your brothers...']" (Bereishis 50:16-17) - Yakov had never actually said any such thing.

25)[line 27]" , ' ? !' [ ', , , ' ' '.]""VA'YOMER SHMUEL, 'ECH ELECH? V'SHAMA SHAUL VA'HARAGANI!'"- "And Shmuel said: How can I go? Shaul will hear and kill me! [And HaSh-m said: Take a calf in your hand and say, 'I have come to sacrifice to HaSh-m.']" (Shmuel I 16:2) - This verse records the response of Shmuel ha'Navi when HaSh-m told him to coronate David ha'Melech while Shaul ha'Melech still reigned. See Background to Yoma 11:14.

26)[line 30]"[ , , ' - ?] !' [ ' -, ' , , , ?] !'""... VA'ADONI ZAKEN... VA'ANI ZAKANTI."- "[And Sarah laughed internally, saying, 'After I have aged will I become again young?] And my master is old!' [And HaSh-m said to Avraham, 'Why did Sarah laugh, saying, 'Is it indeed true that I will give birth?] And I am old!'" (Bereishis 18:12-13)

27)[line 33]TISTAYEM- let us prove

28)[line 34] V'AHADRINHU REBBI AMI V'REBBI ASI L'APAIHU- and Rebbi Ami and Rebbi Asi turned their faces away [from Rebbi Avahu to demonstrate that they disagreed]

29)[line 36] MI'SHUM KAVOD D'VEI KEISAR- due to the honor of the House of the Caesar [to whom Rebbi Avahu was close] (see Sanhedrin 14a and Kesuvos 17a)

30)[line 39] CHENISHTA D'KEISARI- the synagogue of Caeseria, a port city located between present-day Tel Aviv and Haifa that was first built by King Herod (see Background to Megilah 6:31:b)

31)[line 40] ?KESUVAH MAI AVIDTAH?- Why should she receive her Kesuvah?

32)[line 40] BA'AH MACHMAS TA'ANAH- she came with a convincing argument

33)[line 42]! !ZIL! LO MIFKEDAS!- Go! You are not commanded [to have children]!

34)[line 42] , ?MI'SIVU DILAH, MAI TEIHAVI ALAH D'HACH ITESA?- (referring to herself in the third person:) when she gets old, what will be with that women [if she does not have children to take care of her]?

35)[line 43]KAFINAN- we force [her husband to divorce her]

36)[line 44] ?LO BE'AYA HACH ITESA CHUTRA L'YADAH U'MARA L'KEVURAH?- (referring to herself in the third person:) does that woman not need a cane for her hand (i.e., a child to lean upon) and a hoe for burial (i.e., a child to see to my burial)?

37)[line 45]TE'UMIM- twins

38)[line 45] NIGMERAH TZURASO- lit. his form was finished; he was fully developed

39)[line 45]TISH'AH- nine [months]

40)[line 46] NIGMERAH TZURASO L'SOF SHIV'AH- he was fully developed at the beginning of the seventh [month, and was therefore even more difficult to birth]

41)[line 46]D'VIS'HU- his wife

42)[line 47] SHANAI MANA- she changed her clothing [so as not to be recognized by her husband Rebbi Chiya]

43)[line 48] ISHTEYA SAMA D'AKARTA- she drank a sterility potion

44a)[line 48] AMAR LAH- [her husband] said to her

b)[line 48] IKU YALDAS LI CHADA KEREISA ACHARITA!- if you had only borne me one more set (lit. bellyful) of children!

45)[last line]ACHEI- were [twin] brothers