SUKAH 32 (30 Av 5781) - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Esther Chaya Rayzel (Friedman) bas Gershon Eliezer (Yahrzeit: 30 Av) by her son-in-law, Eli Turkel of Raanana, Israel. Esther Friedman was a woman of valor who was devoted to her family and gave of herself unstintingly, inspiring all those around her.


THE REQUIRED LENGTH OF A LULAV (Yerushalmi Halachah 1 Daf 12b)

רבי שמעון בר אבא בשם ר' יוחנן כיני מתני' [ו]כדי לנענע בו כשר


R. Shimon bar Aba quoting R. Yochanan: The Mishnah (see earlier 30-1)(f)) should read that the Lulav must be 3 Tefachim, and in addition, a space (of a Tefach) on top to shake.

תני הדס וערבה ג' ולולב ארבעה


Beraisa: The Hadas (myrtle) and the Aravah (willow branch) must be 3 Tefachim long and the Lulav must be four.

תני באמת חמשה דברי רבי טרפון


Beraisa: R. Tarfon says - The measurements are calculated using an Amah of five Tefachim.

וחכ"א באמת ששה


Chachamim say - They are calculated using an Amah of six Tefachim (which makes each Tefach smaller).

על דר' טרפון פושכין רברבין ע"ד דרבנן פושכין דקיקין


According to R. Tarfon the Tefachim are large and according to Chachamim they are small.

ר' יונה ורשב"ל בשם רבי יודה נשייא לולב טפח


R. Yona/ R"SBL quoting R. Yehuda HaNasi: The Lulav must be a Tefach taller than the Hadas and the Aravah.

רבי סימון בשם רבי יהושע בן לוי אזוב טפח


R. Simon quoting R"YBL: The hyssop used for the purification of the Metzorah (leper) must be a Tefach.

ר' זעירה בעי לולב טפח אזוב טפח


Question (R. Zeira): Is R"YBL agreeing that a Lulav must be a Tefach and merely adding that a hyssop must also be a Tefach or is he disagreeing with R. Yona and holds that only a hyssop is a Tefach?

א"ר יוסי [דף יג עמוד א] קיימה ר' סימון ר' חיננא ר' סימון בשם רבי יהושע בן לוי לולב טפח אזוב טפח שופר טפח. שילייא טפח וי"א אף דופן שלישית טפח


R. Yosi: The answer is clear, as R. Chinana say that R. Simon quoted R"YL as saying that a Lulav must be a Tefach; a hyssop must be a Tefach; a Shofar must be the length of a Tefach; a placenta (of a miscarriage) must be the length of a Tefach (for the house to be Tameh). Some add that the third wall of a Sukah may be a Tefach long.

ר' זעירא בעי לולב טפח מלבד שיזרה אזוב טפח חוץ מגבעולין


Query (R. Zeira): Must the leaves of the Lulav extend a Tefach (aside from the spine)? Must the hyssop be a Tefach aside from the stem?

ר' יוסה רבי טבי בשם רב רבי חיננא רבי פרנך רב מתנה יוסי בר מנשיא בשם רב לולב טפח מלבד שיזרה. אזוב טפח חוץ מגבעוליו


Answer (R. Yosa/ R. Tavi quoting Rav/ R. Chinana/ R. Parnach/ Rav Masnah/ Yosi bar Menasya quoting Rav): The leaves of a Lulav must extend a Tefach aside from the spine; a hyssop must be a Tefach aside from the stem.