A DRY LULAV (Yerushalmi Halachah 1 Daf 12b)

יבש פסול


The Mishnah had taught: A dry Lulav is invalid.

רבי אבין בשם רבי יודה בר פזי היבש פסול על שם (תהילים קטו) לא המתים יהללויה


Reasoning (R. Avin quoting R. Yehuda bar Pazi): The Pasuk states (Tehilim 115, 17), "the dead shall not praise Hash-m". (A dry Lulav is considered dead and not Hadar - 'beautiful' therefore not suitable to be used. The Torah requires the four species to be beautiful, as described in Vayikra 23,40.)

תני בשם ר' יודה היבש עצמו כשר


Beraisa quoting R. Yehuda: A dry Lulav is valid. (The requirement of Hadar only applies to the Esrog.)

אמר להן ר' יהודה והלא בכרכי הים מורישין לולביהן לבניהן


R. Yehuda said to the Chachamim - In the coastal villages, they would give their Lulavs to their children as an inheritance!

אמרו לו אין למדים משעת הדוחק


Chachamim replied - One cannot learn from difficult times (when they had no other Lulavs available).

בעון קומי רבי אבינא יבשה ציציתו מהו מה בינו לקטום


Query (asked to R. Avina): If its top middle leaf (Tiyomes) dried up (but its spine did not), what is the law? How is it different from a Lulav whose top was chopped off?

אמר לון זה הדור וזה אינו הדור


R. Avin: One (dried up) is Hadar and one is not Hadar (chopped, where its deficiency is visible to all).

רבי מלוך בשם רבי יהושע בן לוי נחלק המתאים כמי שנפרדו העלין


R. Meloch quoting R. Yehoshua B"L: If the middle leaf was split, it is as if the leaves separated and it is invalid.

כפות תמרים.


In identifiying the Lulav, the Pasuk says (Vayikra 23, 40), "Kapos Temarim" - "date-palm branches".

ר' טרפון אומר כפות תמרים.


R. Tarfon: "Kapos (bound) Temarim" - the Lulav must be held together.

ר' עקיבה אומר כפות תמרים כשמן


R. Akiva: Whether bound or not, the Pasuk still refers to it as "Kapos Temarim" (i.e. there is no need to tie it).

ר' יודה אומר אם נפרד יאגדנו


R. Yehuda: If the leaves are separated, he should tie it.

אלו הן ציני הר הברזל שהן כשירות כל שראשה של זה מגיע לצד עיקרה של זו


The following are Tzini branches of Barzel Mountain that are valid - if the top of one leaf reaches the bottom of the next (i.e. they overlap).

תני חרות פסולה. דומה לחרות כשר


Beraisa: A 'Charus' (a palm branch that was left on the tree for two or three years becomes hard and opens up into many hard Lulavs that open in all directions) is invalid; if the palm branch only began to harden, it is valid.