ERUVIN 92-95 (5-8 Teves) - Dedicated in memory of Max (Meir Menachem ben Shlomo ha'Levi) Turkel, by his children Eddie and Lawrence and his wife Jean Turkel/Rafalowicz. Max was a warm and loving husband and father and is missed dearly by his family and friends. His Yahrzeit is 5 Teves.


ADJACENT ROOFS OR CHATZEROS (Yerushalmi Perek 9 Halachah 2 Daf 57a)

מתני' גג גדול סמוך לקטן הגדול מותר והקטן אסור


(Mishnah): If a wide roof is next to a narrow roof, the wide roof is permitted, and the narrow roof is forbidden. (We discuss when they were not Me'arev together.)

חצר גדולה שנפרצו לקטנה הגדולה מותרת והקטנה אסורה מפני שהיא כפתחה של גדולה:


If a wide Chatzer was breached to a narrow Chatzer, the wide Chatzer is permitted, and the narrow Chatzer is forbidden, for it is like an opening of the wide one [but not vice-versa].

גמ' מתני' באותו הגג אבל בגג אחר אסור.


(Gemara): Our Mishnah discusses the same [owner's adjacent] roof, but another's roof, [even the wide roof] is forbidden. This is when it is not even, but if it is even, it is permitted.

בשאינו שוה אבל אם היה שוה מותר.


[It discusses when his other roof] is not equal [in width], but if it is equal, [both roofs are] permitted. (We explained this like OHR SOMAYACH, Hilchos Eruvin 3:24.)