[40a - 34 lines; 40b - 36 lines]

1)[line 6]ליפתאLIFTA- turnip

2)[line 7]דכמישאD'KEMISHA- that it was shriveled

3)[line 12]דקא מפשי ומייתי להוKA MAFSHEI U'MAISEI LEHU- they started to bring a lot of them on Yom Tov

4)[line 12]בני גננאBENEI GENANA- constructors of a Chupah (wedding canopy)

5)[line 13]דגזו להוD'GAZU LEHU- that non-Jews cut for them

6)[line 22]דחלוקין במוספיןD'CHALUKIN B'MUSAFIN- a separate Korban Musaf is offered for each

7)[line 23]זכרון אחד עולה לכאן ולכאןZIKARON ECHAD OLEH L'CHAN UL'CHAN- one Zikaron (memory) counts for both (since "Zikaron" is mentioned in connection with both days)


8)[line 16]זמןZEMAN- the blessing of Shehecheyanu

9)[line 18]אקרא חדתאA'KARA CHADTA- on seeing the first gourd/pumpkin of the season

10)[line 18]רשות לא קא מיבעיא ליRESHUS LO KA MIBA'I LI- I am not asking if it is permissible to make the blessing (on Yom Kippur)

11)[line 20]"תן חלק לשבעה וגם לשמונה [כי לא תדע מה יהיה רעה על הארץ]""TEN CHELEK L'SHIV'AH V'GAM LI'SHMONAH [KI LO SEDA MAH YIHEYEH RA'AH AL HA'ARETZ]"- "Give a portion to seven, and even to eight, [for you do not know what evil shall be upon the earth.]" (Koheles 11:2) - This is an enigmatic verse which has many interpretations, two of which are quoted in our Gemara. (See MAHARSHA.)

12)[line 25]וליום אוחראUL'YOM OCHARA- or on any other day of the festival

13)[line 28]מי בדלתMI VADLAS- have you ceased (lit. separated yourself from) [doing Melachah]?

14)[line 29]ולנחיהV'LANCHEI- and put it aside (without drinking it)

15)[line 30]אתי למסרךASI L'MISRACH- he may make a habit of it (and do it when he is an adult)

16)[line 31]במעלי יומא דריש שתאB'MA'ALEI YOMA D'REISH SHATA- on Erev Rosh Hashanah

17)[line 31]זיל חזי היכי עביד עובדאZIL, CHAZI HEICHI AVID UVDA- go, see how he acts

18)[line 32]תאTA- come back

19)[line 32]דלויה לרטיבהDALYUHA LI'RETIVA- if a moist log is lifted

20)[line 32]רפסא ליה בדוכתיהRAFSA LEI B'DUCHTEI- [it is because someone] wants to tread on (or otherwise use) its spot

21)[line 34]בר בי רבBAR BEI RAV- a Yeshiva student

22)[line 35]?מהו לאשלומיMAHU L'ASHLUMEI?- must he complete the fast until nightfall (even though he prays Ma'ariv and accepts Shabbos before nightfall)?