[39a - 40 lines; 39b - 37 lines]

1)[line 2]הדר ביהHADAR BEI- Rabah would have retracted his statement, and admitted that Eruvei Techumim are not included in the prohibition of Hachanah (since they do not involve preparation for actual Melachah, but only for making a "Kinyan Shevisah"). That is, it is clear that making an Eruv does not involve Hachanah, for otherwise what difference does it make whether the Eruv was made verbally or silently; even silent preparations are forbidden as "Hachanah."

2)[line 5]שמעתא משכתיהSHEMA'ATA MESHACHTEI- he got involved in his learning (and did not realize where he was walking)

3)[line 6]חמרא אירכס ליהCHAMRA IRKAS LEI- he lost his donkey

4)[line 24]מתנה אדם על הכלכלהMASNEH ADAM AL HA'KALKALAH- a person can tithe a basket of fruit conditionally


5)[line 1]דלא לזלזולי ביהD'LO L'ZILZULEI BEI- so that they should not treat it lightly and do Melachah on it

6)[line 6]אבל ביצה דאיכא למיגזר בהAVAL BEITZAH D'IKA L'MIGZAR BAH- That is, there is more reason to prohibit Beitzah on the second day, since people are not well aware that Beitzah is prohibited even on the day it is laid. If we permit it on the second day, people will think that it is permitted on the first day as well. (In contrast, nobody will entertain such thoughts if we permit the case of Tevel or Eruv on the second day of Yom Tov.)

7)[line 7]פירות הנושריןPEIROS HA'NOSHRIN- fruits which fell off a tree by themselves on Yom Tov. The Chachamim prohibited their use lest a person violate the Av Melachah of Kotzer by picking fruit from a tree.

8)[line 7]משקין שזבוMASHKIN SHE'ZAVU- juice that flowed out on its own from grapes on Yom Tov. The Chachamim prohibited its use lest a person violate a Toldah of the Melachah of Dash by squeezing grapes.

9)[line 18]בר טביאBAR TAVYA- a young deer

10)[line 19]דאתצידD'IT'TZID- that was caught

11)[line 20]ואשתחיטV'ISHTACHIT- and was slaughtered

12)[line 27]בגולה מיבעי ליהBA'GOLAH MIBA'I LEI- it should have said in the Mishnah "ba'Golah," referring to the day of Rosh Hashanah that it mentioned previously in the Mishnah. (The words "Shel Galuyos," though, seem to refer to the holidays that are unique to the Galuyot, i.e. the second days of the other Yomim Tovim.)