What was the purpose of Yosef's mission?


Moshav Zekenim and Hadar Zekenim (13): To instruct the brothers to leave Shechem, due to danger.


Seforno: His father sent him to rectify anything regarding the shepherding that needed to be seen to. 1


Ohr ha'Chayim, Malbim: It was simply to find out the wellbeing of his brothers and return to tell Yakov, like the verse says. Because also returning was part of the mission, the guarantee 'a Shali'ach Mitzvah is not harmed' applied also to his return, according to all opinions.


Seforno: Refer to 37:2:3:2. If it was merely to report on how they were getting on, he could have sent a servant.


Rashi proves that Chevron is on a mountain. Why does it say that Yakov sent Yosef "from Emek (the valley of) Chevron"?


Rashi and Ramban #1 (citing Midrash Rabah 84:13): The Pasuk is hinting at 'the Etzah Amukah 1 to the one who was buried in Chevron (Avraham). 2


Ramban #2: The Pasuk is pointing out that the place from which Yakov sent him was far from where the brothers were stationed, 3 which (a) explains why they were able to do him harm (something that they would not have dared to do in the vicinity of their father), and (b) highlights Yosef's righteousness, inasmuch as he proceeded to carry out his father's request without question, even though he knew that the brothers hated him. 4


Moshav Zekenim, Seforno: Yakov accompanied him as far as the valley of Chevron (the bottom of the mountain), at which point he sent him on his way. 5


Divrei David: I.e. Hashem's word.


Rashi: "Your children will be strangers in a foreign land" (Bereishis 15:13). Malbim - Yakov acted under the Divine influence. Normally, one would never send his beloved child to a dangerous place!


Refer to 37:12:2:1.


Refer to 37:13:1:1.


Moshav Zekenim: Yosef told him 'Go back!'' (you need not accompany me). Yakov taught him about Eglah Arufah (that escort protects. See Rashi, Devarim 21:7). This was the Halachah that Yosef remembered, and hinted to his father - refer to 45:27:1:1.


We know that he headed to Shechem. Why does it say "he arrived in Shechem", and not 'there'?


Rashi: Because Shechem would prove to be a location of punishment. 1


Rashi: There Yakov's sons sinned, there Dinah was afflicted, and there the kingdom of David was split into two. Divrei David - even though they sinned in Dosan, they counseled to do so in Shechem.

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