12th Cycle dedication

CHULIN 112 (18 Tishrei) - dedicated by Reb Tuvya Marcus and family (Baltimore/Yerushalayim) in honor of the Yahrzeit of his father, Binyomin Leib ben Aharon Marcus.


PICKLING FISH (Yerushalmi Terumos Perek 10 Halachah 5 Daf 52b)

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(Mishnah): If a non-Kasher fish was pickled with a Kasher fish, if in a barrel that contains two Se'ah there is an amount of non-Kasher fish that weights 10 Zuz in Yehuda, which is the equivalent of 5 Selah in the Galil, its brine is prohibited.


(R. Yehuda): It's prohibited if there's a quarter Log of non-Kasher fish in two Se'ah.



(R. Yosi): If it's 1/16th of the total contents.



If non-Kasher grasshoppers were pickled with Kasher ones, they do not prohibit the pickling juice. R. Tzadok testified that the pickling juice of non-Kasher grasshoppers is Tahor.


(Gemara) (R. Yuda bar Pazi [citing Bar Dalaya]) (Baraisa): If an unsalted Tahor fish was pickled with a salted Tamei fish, it is prohibited.



Question: Doesn't R. Chiya's Baraisa teach that he may merely rinse it and it is permitted?



Answer (R. Mana): That was when they were pickled together, but when they were pickled consecutively, it is prohibited.

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Proof: The previous Mishnah taught that if one pickled crushed Chulin with Terumah pickling juices, it is prohibited. (This is because when he pickled with Terumah and then pickled in them crushed Chulin, they immediately absorb the Terumah juices before they begin to emit. This shows that consecutive pickling can prohibit.)

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(The Mishnah taught that) if in a barrel that contains two Se'ah etc. (But how much does two Seah volume of water weigh?) How much does a Seah of water weigh? There are 24 Log in a Seah (as a Seah is 6 Kav and a Kav is 4 Log). How much does a Log of water weigh? 2 Litra. (So a Seah of water weighs 48 Litra.) And how much does a Litra weigh? 100 Zuz. Therefore, a Seah of water weighs 4800 Zuz and two Seah weighs 9600 Zuz. So each Zuz of non-Kasher fish brine is one in 960 Zuz of the barrel.

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R. Yosi b'R. Bun ruled in Achbara (that it was permitted when there was) 1 to 1000 parts.

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(R. Abahu citing R. Yosi b'R. Chanina): (Explaining R. Yehuda's opinion in the Mishnah) A quarter Log of non-Kasher brine is annulled in two Seah of Kasher brine, but the Kasher fish doesn't combine with its brine to annul the non-Kasher brine.



(R. Abahu): I calculated that there are almost two hundred (192) quarter Logs in two Seah.

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(R. Ila citing R. Shimon bar Chiya): (Disagreeing) A quarter Log of non-Kasher fish brine is annulled in two Seah of fish and brine.



Such a case came before R. Yashiah and he instructed that way.

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Proof (Tosefta): When is two Seah needed? When he was taking the fish one by one out of the barrel and placing them in front of him and he found this measure (of a quarter Log in two Seah); but if he was taking them out one by one and placing them behind him, even if there was more than this measure, the brine is permitted (as there might have been more Kasher fish that were lost after they were removed from the barrel) (The Tosefta must therefore understand that the Kasher brine and fish annul the non-Kasher brine.) (This suggestion that that there might have been more Kasher fish) is a pretext to permit the brine (since the requirement to have two Seah was itself a stringency).

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Idolaters worshipped the Gevunter river. R. Chagai asked R. Ba bar Zavda if the river had become prohibited. R. Ba replied that a public item cannot become prohibited. (And although the idolaters have rights to the river, which would have suggested that one should be stringent and prohibit it) through a pretext, it is permitted (since the water is considered connected to the ground and cannot become prohibited by being worshipped).

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(R. Yaakov bar Zavdi): R. Yitzchak asked - divorce documents that come from overseas with gentile names such as Lucas (even though there should be a concern that the witnesses were gentiles) through a pretext we permit them (and assume that they were Jewish). Here also, we can permit through a pretext.

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(The Mishnah taught that) R. Tzadok testified that the pickling juice of non-Kasher grasshoppers is Tahor. Tahor means that it is not considered a liquid that can cause things to contract Tumah. However, the juice is prohibited to consume.