[11a - 44 lines; 11b - 41 lines]

1)[line 1]בגזבר המסורות לוB'GIZBAR HA'MESUROS LO- the treasurer in whose charge they are given

2)[line 4]שנויי שנייהSHENUYEI SHANYEI- he changed it

3)[line 7]שהניחה על פי ארובהSHE'HENICHAH AL PI ARUBAH- he placed it on top of an aperture/skylight in the roof

4)[line 13]נגעיםNEGA'IM- the laws that pertain to Tzara'as on people (see Background to Moed Katan 7:12, and to Pesachim 75:2:b), garments (see Background to Shabbos 57:27) and houses (see Background to Moed Katan 7:19)

5)[line 13]ואהלותOHALOS- the laws pertaining to Tum'as Mes (see Background to Sukah 20:5) and enclosures in which a corpse is found (see Background to Moed Katan 5:22)

6)[line 26]להולכת הדםHOLACHAS HA'DAM

The offering of a Korban is comprised of four main actions. These four "Avodos" are Shechitah (slaughtering), Kabalah (collecting the blood of the Korban that will be cast on the Mizbe'ach), Holachah (carrying the blood towards the Mizbe'ach), and Zerikah (casting the blood on the Mizbe'ach).

7)[line 29]הולכת אברים לכבשHOLACHAS EIVARIM LA'KEVESH- carrying the limbs of the Olah to the ramp of the Mizbe'ach

8)[line 36]ארבעים סאהARBA'IM SE'AH (DRY MEASURES)

(a)The following is a list of measures of volume used in the Mishnah and Gemara:

1.1 Kor (= 1 Chomer) = 30 Se'in

2.1 Lesech = 15 Se'in

3.1 Eifah = 3 Se'in

4.1 Se'ah = 6 Kabin

5.1 Tarkav (= Trei v'Kav, or 3 Kabin) = 12 Lugin

6.1 Kav = 4 Lugin

7.1 Log (= 1 Rova) = 4 Revi'iyos = 6 Beitzim

8.1 Beitzah = 2 or 3 k'Zeisim, according to the varying opinions

(b)In modern-day measures, the k'Zayis is approximately 0.025, 0.0288 or 0.05 liters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions. Thus, 1 Se'ah = 7.2, 8.29 or 14.4 liters, according to the various opinions. 40 Se'ah = approximately 331.7 liters or 576 liters, according the differing Halachic opinions.

9)[line 38]לכעדשה מן השרץK'ADASHAH MIN HA'SHERETZ

A Sheretz, even if it is only the size of an Adashah (lentil bean) is an Av ha'Tum'ah. It makes a person or object Tamei through Maga (contact). If a person becomes Tamei by touching a Sheretz, he can immediately go the Mikvah. After nightfall he becomes Tahor and may eat Terumah or Kodshim.

10)[line 40](שיגיע) [שיגע](SHE'YAGI'A) [SHE'YIGA — M. Kornfeld]- he will touch

11)[line 42]חומטCHOMET- (O.F. limace) snail (RASHI); alt., a lizard or the skink, a lizard with small legs of which there are four varieties in the Holy Land

12)[line 43]כזנב הלטאהZANAV HA'LETA'AH- a lizard's tail



13)[line 6]במעשה בראשיתMA'ASEH BEREISHIS- (a) the hidden secrets of the creation of the world; (b) the forty-two letter Name of HaSh-m that is extrapolated from the first two verses of the Torah (RABEINU TAM, cited by TOSFOS)

14)[line 7]במרכבהMERKAVAH- the hidden secrets of the Chariot of HaSh-m, as described by Yeshayah and Yechezkel

15)[line 9]רתוי לוRASUY LO- (a) if would have been better for him; (b) it would have been merciful for his sake; (c) a pity for him! He is as though he had not been born (Alternate Girsa'os — RA'UY LO K'ILU LO BA LA'OLAM in the Mishnayos - he is looked upon as though he had not been born, and RA'UY LO SHE'LO BA LA'OLAM in the Tosefta and Dikdukei Sofrim #2 - it would have been better off for him had he not been born)

16)[line 31]מצלי אודניה לגמראMATZLI UDNEI LI'GEMARA- tilts his ear to listen to the teaching