CHAGIGAH 12 (25 Elul) ? Dedicated in memory of Yechiel Avraham Avigdor ben Eliyahu Glaser z'l, by his brother Yisrael and family. May Avigdor's children merit to grow in Torah and Yiras Shamayim, and become sources of pride and Nachas to their mother and to their father in Gan Eden.

[12a - 55 lines; 12b - 59 lines]

1a)[line 16]תהוTOHU- (a) devastation, bewilderment (RASHI to Bereishis 1:2); (b) the Gemara below (line 24) explains that this is a green line that encompasses the world from which darkness emanates (the Girsa of RABEINU CHANANEL there is Yotzei and not Yatza)

b)[line 16]ובהוVOHU- (a) emptiness, desolation (RASHI to Bereishis 1:2); (b) the Gemara below (line 25) explains that these are moist stones that are located in the depths that generate water

2a)[line 17]מדת יוםMIDAS YOM- the length of day

b)[line 17]ומדת לילהMIDAS LAILAH- the length of night

3)[line 24]קו ירוקKAV YAROK- a green line (a Kabbalistic term)

4)[line 25]"ישת חשך סתרו סביבותיו [סכתו חשכת מים עבי שחקים]""YASHES CHOSHECH SISRO, SEVIVOSAV [SUKASO CHESHCHAS MAYIM AVEI SHECHAKIM.]"- "He made darkness His secret place; around Him was [His pavilion, dark with waters and thick clouds of the skies.]" (Tehilim 18:12) - TOSFOS (DH Yashes) states that the proof is from the words, "Sevivosav Sukaso" (see MAHARSHA DH 10 Devarim Nivre'u)

5)[line 26]המפולמותHA'MEFULAMOS- moist

6)[line 30]ובדור הפלגהDOR HAFLAGAH- the generation that built the Tower of Bavel

7)[line 40]ירופפוYEROFAFU- tremble

8)[line 42]פקעיות של שתיPAKIYOS SHEL SHESI- balls of thread used for the warp (the longitudinal threads of the loom, which are thinner than the woof, the latitudinal threads)

9)[line 47]"הבונה בשמים מעלותיו...""HA'BONEH VA'SHAMAYIM MA'ALOSAV..."- "It is He Who builds His upper chambers in the heavens, and has founded His vault upon the earth; [it is He Who calls for the waters of the sea, and pours them out upon the face of the earth; HaSh-m is His name.]" (Amos 9:6)

10)[line 48]שרפרףSHERAFRAF- a footstool

11)[line 49]"הדום רגלי""HADOM RAGLAI"- "my footstool" (Yeshayah 66:1)

12)[line 49]"אף ידי יסדה ארץ וימיני טפחה שמים קורא אני אליהם יעמדו יחדו""AF YADI YASEDAH ERETZ, VI'YMINI TIPECHAH SHAMAYIM; KOREI ANI ALEIHEM, YA'AMDU YACHDAV."- "My hand also has laid the foundation of the earth, and My right hand has spanned the heavens; when I call to them, they stand up together." (Yeshayah 48:13)

13)[line 50]דלא משתלפי מהדדיD'LO MISHTALFEI MEHADADI- that they cannot be separated from one another

14)[line 52]וטרפן זה בזהTARFAN ZEH B'ZEH- mixed them together


15)[line 10]"המרגיז ארץ ממקומה ועמודיה יתפלצון""HA'MARGIZ ERETZ MI'MEKOMAH, V'AMUDEHA YISPALATZUN."- "Who shakes the earth from its place, and its pillars tremble." (Iyov 9:6)

16)[line 27]"הנוטה כדוק שמים וימתחם כאהל לשבת""HA'NOTEH CHA'DOK SHAMAYIM, VA'YIMTACHEM KA'OHEL LA'SHAVES."- "[It is He Who sits upon the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are as grasshoppers;] Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in." (Yeshayah 40:22)

17)[line 43]גחלי רתמיםGACHALEI RESAMIM- coals of Rosem wood, which continue to burn inside long after their exterior is extinguished

18)[line 43]"הקוטפים מלוח עלי שיח ושרש רתמים לחמם""HA'KOTFIM MALU'ACH ALEI SI'ACH, V'SHORESH RESAMIM LACHMAM."- "They pick up mallows by the bushes, and roots of broom for their warmth." (Iyov 30:4)

19)[line 45]אגליםAGALIM- (a) containers [of fine rain] (the Nun from the word AGANIM is interchanged with a Lamed) (RASHI); (b) (lit. waves - the Alef is added to the root of the word) fountains [of droplets of rain or dew] (RASHI, METZUDAS DAVID to Iyov 38:28)

20)[line 45]סופהSUFAH- storm

21)[line 45]קיטורKITOR- smoke

22)[line 47]"ויבן שם גדעון מזבח לה' ויקרא לו ה' שלום עד היום הזה עודנו בעפרת אבי העזרי""VA'YIVEN SHAM GID'ON MIZBE'ACH LA'HASH-M, VA'YIKRA LO HASH-M SHALOM AD HA'YOM HA'ZEH; ODENU BE'OFRAS AVI HA'EZRI" - "And Gid'on built there a Mizbe'ach to HaSh-m, and he called it 'HaSh-m Shalom' until this day it is still to be found there in Ofras Avi ha'Ezri." (Shoftim 6:24) (GID'ON BUILDS A MIZBE'ACH)

(a)The people of Yisrael were groaning under the heavy yoke of the Midyanim. One day, while Gid'on was beating wheat in the winepress, to hide his actions from Midyan, an angel appeared to him and sat underneath the oak-tree in Ofrah that belonged to his father Yo'ash from the family of Aviezer from the tribe of Menasheh. The angel informed him that HaSh-m was with him. When he asked that if HaSh-m indeed was with Yisrael, then why were they subjugated by their oppressors? The angel replied that because of his defense of Klal Yisrael he had been chosen to lead Yisrael to victory against the Midyanim, and that is why he would succeed.

(b)Pointing out that the section of the family to which his father belonged was the least important in the wider family, and that he was the youngest of his father's children, he wanted to know how he could possibly succeed in such an important mission. When HaSh-m replied that He would be with him and help him defeat Midyan with ease, he asked for a sign that it was HaSh-m who was speaking with him.

(c)Asking HaSh-m to wait while he brought his gift, he returned a short while later with a kid-goat and an Eifah of Matzah-flour. He prepared the goat and placed it in a basket, and he placed the gravy in a pot, and he put them under a local oak-tree. The angel instructed him to place the goat and the Matzos on a certain rock and to pour out the gravy.

(d)The angel then stretched out the edge of the staff he was holding and touched the meat and the Matzos, and at that moment fire emerged from the rock and consumed them. The angel himself disappeared. Realizing that he had just seen an angel face to face, Gid'on (like Mano'ach, Shimshon's father after him) was gripped with fear that he was about to die, but HaSh-m assured him that all would be well and that he would not die. That was when he built the Mizbe'ach.

23)[line 49]צדיק אתהTZADIK ATAH...- (this is the Derashah of Chazal on the verse that was quoted)

24)[line 49]לא יגורLO YAGUR- there shall not dwell

25)[line 52]כשריןK'SHIRYAN- like armor

26)[line 52]"ויקרא לו ה' שלום""VA'YIKRA LO HASH-M SHALOM"- "... and he named the altar that he built HaSh-m is our Peace..." (Shoftim 6:24)

27)[line 53]"והיתה נפש אדוני...""V'HAYESAH NEFESH ADONI..."- "and the soul of my lord (King David) shall be bound in the bond of life with HaSh-m, your G-d; [and the souls of your enemies shall be shot out of a slingshot.]" (Shmuel I 25:29) - Avigayil, the wife of Naval, used these words to bless King David, after her husband committed treason. David was about to execute Naval and his entire household, but Avigayil proved that only Naval was guilty.

28)[line 54]"כי רוח מלפני יעטוף ונשמות אני עשיתי""KI RU'ACH MIL'FANAI YA'ATOF U'NESHAMOS ANI ASISI."- "[For I will not contend forever, nor will I be always angry] when the spirit [of man finally] becomes subservient before Me and the souls whom I have made." (Yeshayah 57:16)

29)[line 55]"גשם נדבות...""GESHEM NEDAVOS..."- "HaSh-m sent a plentiful rain that strengthened your languishing inheritance." (Tehilim 68:10) - Since this Psalm deals with the giving of the Torah, the "rain" mentioned refers to the dew of resurrection that revived Bnei Yisrael after their souls left them after hearing the first two commandments. Similarly, in the End of Days, this dew will be used to revive the dead.

30a)[last line ]"הוא גלי עמיקתא""HU GALEI AMIKASA..."- "He reveals the deep and secret things..." (Daniel 2:22)

b)[last line]"... ונהורא עמיה שרי""... U'NEHORA IMEI SHEREI."- "[He knows what is in the darkness,] and the light dwells with Him." (ibid.)