BECHOROS 35 - Dedicated by Josh Danziger of Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

[35a - 47 lines; 35b - 39 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any OTHER important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Mishnah 35a [line 28]:

Should be corrected as suggested by Shitah Mekubetzes #8

[2] Rashi 35a DH d'Iy Ashma'inan ד"ה דאי אשמעינן:

The words "l'Lamed l'Hatil Mum" ללמד להטיל מום

should be "Lilmod l'Hatil Mum" ללמוד להטיל מום

[3] Gemara 35b [line 32]:

"v'Lo Chaishinan" ולא חיישינן

These words apparently belong on the next line, after the words "Ka Mashma Lan" קא משמע לן. The Gemara should read "Ka Mashmah Lan d'Lo Chaishinan" קא משמע לן דלא חיישינן

[4] Rashi 35b DH Afilu Asarah ד"ה אפילו עשרה:

Should be corrected as suggested by Shitah Mekubetzes #12


1)[line 1]טימא טהרות [של חבירו]TIMEI TAHAROS [SHEL CHAVEIRO]- one who renders Tamei (ritually impure) his friend's food or other items that were Tehorim (ritually pure) (SHITAH MEKUBETZES #1)

2)[line 5]מדולדלMEDULDAL- hanging down

3)[line 5](קסטור) [קסדור](KASTOR) [KASDOR]- officer; the English word quaestor or questor comes from this word. A quaestor was a treasurer in ancient Rome in charge of the public funds (treasurer), or a public prosecutor who served in certain types of criminal cases (inquisitor).

4)[line 7]פיגוםPIGUM- dagger

5)[line 7]צרם [את] אזנוTZARAM [ES] OZNO- he cut its ear

6)[line 17]אתי למיסרךASI L'MISRACH- he will come to make a habit of it

7)[line 26]גרמאGERAMA- indirectly causing a blemish (see Background to Bechoros 28:12(b)

8)[line 27]מסיח לפי תומוMESI'ACH LEFI TUMO- one who speaks in passing without intent to testify

9a)[line 27]היה בכור רדפוHAYAH BECHOR RODFO- a firstborn [ram] was chasing [a person to gore him]

b)[line 27][ו]בעטו[U']BA'ATO- [and he who was being chased] kicked it

10)[line 34]גדיא באודניה, אימרא בשפוותיהGADYA B'UDNEI, IMRA B'SIFVASEI- a kid goat in its ear, a lamb in its lip

11)[line 35]דרך צדעיו נפקDERECH TZEDA'AV NAFAK- it came out with its temples (O.F. tenples) first

12)[line 36]אכל ולא מיחזי, פעי ומיחזיACHAL V'LO MEICHZI, PA'I U'MEICHZI- when it eats, the Mum is not seen, but when it cries out, the Mum is seen

13)[line 37]חוטיןCHUTIN- (a) (O.F. jencives) gums (RASHI); (b) incisors (RABEINU GERSHOM, BARTENURA); (c) veins of the palate (RAMBAM)

14)[line 37]שנגממוSHE'NIGMEMU- that were leveled

15)[line 42]לא דנו ולא מעידוLO DANO V'LO ME'IDO- he may not be a judge and he may not testify in the matter

16)[line 43]בי כהניםBEI KOHANIM- that are in the house of Kohanim

17)[line 43]ללגימאLI'LEGIMA- [we do not suspect that he is lying in order] to be fed [from the Bechor]

18)[line 45]חיישינן לגומליןCHAISHINAN L'GOMLIN- we suspect that they are repaying each other by testifying falsely for each other

19)[line 46]ואתא רבי מאיר למימר ...V'ASA REBBI MEIR L'MEIMAR ...- the Gemara will explain the difference between Rebbi Meir and the Tana Kama


20)[line 24]כל שחליפיו ביד כהןKOL SHE'CHALIFAV B'YAD KOHEN- any animal for which an exchange is given to the Kohen [is exempt from the Matanos of Zero'a, Lechayayim, and Keivah]

21)[line 31]חבולCHAVUL- injured with a Mum