[76a - 48 lines; 76b - 40 lines]

1)[line 23]מגבב דבריםMEGAVEV DEVARIM- (lit. gather words) invent fanciful groundless teachings

2)[line 27]וכי מיא שורי שורי קיימי?V'CHI MAYA SHURA SHURA KAIMEI?- did the floodwaters stand like walls [fifteen Amos above the ground, whether in the valleys or on the mountains]?

3)[line 28]היכי סגיא?HEICHI SAGYA?- how did it travel [up onto the mountains]?

4)[line 39]כסא דדודKASA D'DAVID- King David's goblet

5)[line 40]התם לכולי עלמא הכא לישראל לחודיה ונפיש להו טפיHASAM L'CHULEI ALMA; HACHA L'YISRAEL LECHUDEI, V'NAFISH LEHU TEFEI- that is, if an amount of Man equivalent to the amount of water that rained on the entire world during the Mabul, would fall in the desert alone, it would make a mound much taller than 60 Amos high. (MAHARSHA, based on Ein Yakov)

6)[line 45]ודילמא דאכליה על ידי אניגרוןV'DILMA D'ACHLEI AL YEDEI ANIGRON- perhaps one may eat it (wine) in a food called Anigron, in which wine and/or oil is mixed with the water in which beets were cooked

7)[line 45]אניגרון מיא דסילקאANIGRON, MAYA D'SILKA- Anigron is made with the water in which beets were cooked

8)[line 45]אכסיגרון מיא דכולהו שלקיACHSIGRON, MAYA D'CHULHU SHILKEI- Achsigron is a food that is made with the water in which other vegetables (besides beets) were cooked

9)[last line]מידי דמשכרMIDI D'MESHAKER- something that intoxicates (and one only becomes intoxicated through drinking - not eating)

10)[last line]דבילה קעיליתDEVEILAH KE'ILIS- preserved figs from Ke'ilah (which are intoxicating)


11)[line 3]מיני מתיקהMINEI MESIKAH- sweet fresh fruits and [unfermented] fruit drinks

12)[line 5]"ותירוש ינובב בתולות""V'SIROSH YENOVEV BESULOS"- "... and the wine that will make maidens sing." (Zecharyah 9:17)

13)[line 6]"ותירוש יקביך יפרוצו""V'SIROSH YEKAVECHA YIFROTZU"- "... and the wine of your collection pits will burst forth." (Mishlei 3:10)

14)[line 11]שמביא יללה לעולםSHE'MEVI YELALAH LA'OLAM- it brings wailing, grieving to the world

15a)[line 12]שכל המתגרה בוSHE'KOL HA'MISGAREH VO- that whoever gets himself addicted to it

b)[line 12]נעשה רשNA'ASEH RASH- becomes poor

16)[line 16]משממוMESHAMEMO- it makes him desolate

17)[line 17]חמרא וריחני פקחיןCHAMRA V'REICHANEI PAKCHIN- wine and aromatic spices made me wise

18)[line 22]נהמא דחיטי דכייתאNAHAMA D'CHITEI DACHYASA- bread made from clean kernels of wheat

19)[line 30]מאבראיME'AVRAI- on the exterior [of the body]

20)[line 38]"ואיש מקטרתו בידו ועתר ענן הקטורת עולה""V'ISH MIKTARTO B'YADO VA'ASAR ANAN HA'KETORES OLEH"- "... each man with his censer in his hand, with a thick cloud of incense rising." (Yechezkel 8:11)

21)[line 39]"בציצת ראשי""B'TZITZIS ROSHI"- "by the hair of my head" (Yechezkel 8:3)