[75a - 45 lines; 75b - 39 lines]

1)[line 1]דומות עליו כמישורDOMOS ALAV K'MISHOR- appear to him to be permitted (lit. level, flat land)

2a)[line 4]ישחנה מדעתוYAS'CHENAH MI'DA'ATO- [the verse recommends that] he should remove his worry from his mind

b)[line 5]ישיחנה לאחריםYESICHENAH LA'ACHERIM- [the verse recommends that] he should talk about it with others, (a) so that they should give him advice (RASHI); (b) so that they should pray for him (ARUCH Erech Sach #6)

3)[line 12]יורד עמו לחייוYORED IMO L'CHAYAV- he makes sure to use every effort to cause that person a loss and to annoy him at every opportunity

4)[line 20]"אכלה ומחתה פיה ואמרה לא פעלתי און""ACHLAH U'MACHASAH FIHA, V'AMRAH LO FA'ALTI AVEN"- "... she eats and wipes her mouth and says, 'I have done no wrong.'" (Mishlei 30:20) - This verse is an example of "Lishna Me'alya" (euphemism), where the subject is adultery.

5)[line 22]"גן נעול אחתי כלה גל נעול מעין חתום""GAN NA'UL ACHOSI CHALAH; GAL NA'UL, MA'AYAN CHASUM"- "As chaste as a locked garden, My sister, O bride; a spring that is locked up, a sealed fountain." (Shir ha'Shirim 4:12) - This verse describes the exceptionally moral behavior of the Jews in Egypt.

6)[line 27]עגול כגידאAGOL K'GIDA- round like a coriander seed [(O.F. aillendre) coriander, a plant with sweet smelling fruit]

7)[line 27]ולבן כמרגליתV'LAVAN K'MARGALIS- and white like a pearl

8)[line 28]שדומה לזרע פשתן בגבעוליןSHE'DOMEH L'ZERA PISHTAN B'GIVO'LIN- it is similar to the [round] flax seed in its capsule

9)[line 28]שדומה להגדהSHE'DOMEH L'HAGADAH- it is similar to the Agadah, the homiletic interpretation of the Torah

10)[line 32]עומרוOMRO- his portion of Manna, which was the size of an Omer, a tenth of an Eifah (approximately 2.5 or 4.3 liters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions)

11)[line 36]"שטו העם ולקטו...""SHATU HA'AM V'LAKTU..."- "The people would wander out and gather it..." (Bamidbar 11:8)

12)[line 37]עוגותUGOS- pieces of dough

13)[line 39]תכשיטי נשיםTACHSHITEI NASHIM- women's adornments such as spices used for perfume

14)[line 39]דבר שנידוך במדוכהDAVAR SHE'NIDOCH B'MEDOCHAH- something that is ground in a mortar

15)[line 40]ציקי קדירהTZIKEI KEDEIRAH- spices for a spicy, tasty dish

16)[line 41]מדבר שירד להם בבקר בבקרMI'DAVAR SHE'YARAD LAHEM BA'BOKER BA'BOKER- from something (the Man) which came down early in the morning

17)[line 42]נשיאים ממשNESI'IM MAMASH- actual clouds (and not princes)

18)[line 43]מה שד זה תינוק טועם בה כמה טעמיםMAH SHAD ZEH, TINOK TO'EM BAH KAMAH TE'AMIM- just like a breast, from which a baby tastes a number of different tastes (depending on what the mother ate)

19)[line 44]מה שד זה מתהפך לכמה גווניןMAH SHED ZEH, MIS'HAPECH L'CHAMAH GAVANIN- just like a demon changes to a number of different appearances, colors


20)[line 6]כתרנגולים שמנקרין באשפהK'TARNEGOLIN SHE'MENAKRIN BA'ASHPAH- like chickens that peck in a garbage heap

21)[line 17]"וימטר עליהם כעפר שאר וכחול ימים עוף כנף שאר""VA'YAMTER ALEIHEM KE'AFAR SHE'ER UCH'CHOL YAMIM OF KENAF"- "He caused meat (of quail) to rain upon them as the dust, and winged fowl as the sand of the seas." (Tehilim 78:27)

22)[line 19]משטיחין משטיחיןMASHTICHIN MASHTICHIN- (O.F. litieres) layers

23)[line 20]כתיב שליו וקרינן סליוKESIV SHALEV V'KARINAN SELAV- it is written "Shalev" and we pronounce it "Selav"

24)[line 21]בשלוהB'SHALVAH- in tranquility

25)[line 21]כסילויןK'SILVIN- like thorns

26a)[line 21]שיכליSHICHLAI- (Alectoris graeca) Chuckar partridge

b)[line 22]וקיבליKIVLAI- (Ammoperdix heyi) partridge

c)[line 22]ופסיוניPISYONEI- pheasant (a bird which comes from the river Phasis in Colchis)

d)[line 22]ושליוSELAV- (Coturnix coturnix) quail

27)[line 22]כציפורתאK'TZIPORTA- like a small bird (possibly a humming bird)

28)[line 22]ותפחV'TAFACH- it swells

29)[line 23]ומסקינן ליה אתליסר ריפיU'MASKINAN LEI A'TELEISAR RIFEI- and it is served on thirteen (flat) loaves of bread, placed one on top of the other

30)[line 23]בי דניBEI DANEI- next to his storage house for barrels of wine

31)[line 24]בי ציביBEI TZIVEI- next to his storage house for twigs, chips of wood

32)[line 25]ובדיל רבה אכיל תלמידאU'VEDIL RABAH ACHIL TALMIDA- and in the merit of the teacher (Rav Chisda), the student eats

33)[line 27]בקופסאB'KUFSA- (O.F. escrin) with a chest, jewelry box

34)[line 27]דק מחוספסDAK MECHUSPAS- thin and (a) exposed (RASHI to Shemos 16:14); (b) encapsulated (ibid.); (c) spread out (RASHBAM); (d) round (Ibn Ezra)

35)[line 27]דבר שנימוח על פיסת הידDAVAR SHE'NIMO'ACH AL PISAS HA'YAD- something that melts on the palm on the hand

36)[line 32]שתגרי אומות העולםSHE'TAGAREI UMOS HA'OLAM- foreign merchants

37)[line 33]מן מפיגןMAN MEFIGAN- the Man would counteract their effect

38)[line 34]לאחר שסרחוL'ACHAR SHE'SARCHU- after they sinned (by complaining about the Man - see Bamidbar 21:5)

39)[line 36]תלתא פרסיTELASA PARSEI- three Parsa'os (Persian miles), approximately 11.5 kilometers (7.2 miles) or 13.8 kilometers (8.6 miles), depending upon the differing Halachic opinions (1 Parsah = 4 Mil)

40)[line 36]כשנפניןK'SHE'NIFNIN- when a person defecates

41)[line 37]שתיפח במעיהםSHE'TIPACH B'MEI'EIHEM- to swell in their stomachs