[39a - 49 lines; 39b - 55 lines]

1)[line 23]ותו לא מידיV'SU LO MIDI- there is nothing more to be said; the language of the Mishnah certainly supports the opinion of Abaye, even though he cannot answer the difficulty of Rabah (that was asked with regard to Ula's opinion - 38b)

2a)[line 45]למיכפייהL'MIKAFYEI- to force him

b)[line 45]לכפייה לדידהוLIKAFYEI L'DIDHU!- we should force them! (At this point the younger brothers are in Beis Din and the oldest brother has left. It would be more trouble for Beis Din to call back the oldest brother. -RASHI)


3)[line 22]מצות יבום קודמת למצות חליצהMITZVAS YIBUM KODEMES L'MITZVAS CHALITZAH

(a)According to the Torah law, when a married man dies childless, Yibum is preferable to Chalitzah. Only if his brother does not want to perform Yibum does the Torah command that the ceremony of Chalitzah be performed.

(b)However, since many men do not perform the Mitzvah of Yibum for the sake of the Mitzvah alone, but rather because of beauty or honor or the like, the Tana'im argue as to whether it is preferable to do Yibum with ulterior motives or to perform Chalitzah. The Chachamim claim that Yibum is still preferable. According to Aba Shaul, if a Yavam performs Yibum for reasons other than for the sake of the Mitzvah, he is dangerously close to violating the prohibition of Giluy Arayos (forbidden relations) by taking his brother's wife when there is no Mitzvah of Yibum. Therefore, he maintains that it is preferable to perform Chalitzah.

4)[line 31]אקרבתAKRAVAS- brought near

5)[line 33](ואשתמודעינהו) [ואשתמודעיניה](V'ISHTEMOD'INHU) [V'ISHTEMOD'INEI]- and we satisfied ourselves about him (about his identity) [that he is the paternal brother of the deceased]

6)[line 34]צביתTZAVIS- you want

7)[line 35]איטלע לה רגליך דימינאITLA LAH RAGLICH D'YAMINA- tilt your right foot towards her

8)[line 36]ושרת סיניהV'SHARAS SEINEI- and she took off his shoe

9)[line 36]וירקת באנפוהיV'YARKAS B'ANPOHI- and she spit [on the floor] in front of him

10)[line 37]רוקא דמתחזיא לבי דינאROKA D'MIS'CHAZYA L'VEI DINA- spittle that could be seen by the Beis Din

11)[line 44]אכשור דריACHSHUR DAREI?!- have the generations become better?!

12)[line 54]בכדי תיפוקBI'CHDI TEIFOK?!- should she be permitted to marry whomever she wishes (lit. go out) with no special process?!