TA'ANIS 20 - dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Reb Aharon Dovid ben Elimelech Shmuel Kornfeld (Muncasz/Israel/New York), who passed away on 3 Av 5761, by his daughter, Shifra, and family. May his love for Torah and for Eretz Yisrael be preserved in all of his descendants.

[20a - 47 lines; 20b - 51 lines]

1)[line 21]נקדרהNIKDERAH- (O.F. pertucer - to pierce) [the sun] shined or pierced through [the clouds]

2)[line 23]נקדמהNIKDEMAH- according to the Dikdukei Sofrim #80-90, this word and the word "Nikderah" on this line and in the previous entry should be NAKDAH - to pierce or bore a hole. Even when there are no clouds, the sun is said to pierce through the sky, as in Makdir Aleihem Chamah (Avodah Zarah 3a). This is also the Girsa in the Gemara Gitin 56a. (According to our Girsa, perhaps NIKDEMAH means that the sun moved eastward for them (from the word "Kedem"), seeming to stay still to the observer on earth. -Y. SHAW)

3)[line 29]"ורגזו וחלו מפניך""V'RAGZU V'CHALU MIPANECHA"- "[Today I will begin to put the dread of you and the fear of you upon the nations of the world, who shall hear about you,] and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of you." (Devarim 2:25)

4)[line 35]נבזיםNIVZIM- contemptible

5)[line 35]דלא מוקמי מינןD'LO MUKMEI MINAN- that they do not appoint from us

6)[line 35]רישי נהריREISHEI NAHARA- tax collectors (who collect taxes at river crossings)

7)[line 36]גזיריפטיGEZIRIPATEI- oppressive police officers

8)[line 36]"והכה ה' את ישראל כאשר ינוד הקנה במים""V'HIKAH HASH-M ES YISRAEL KA'ASHER YANUD HA'KANEH BA'MAYIM"- "For HaSh-m shall strike Yisrael as a reed is shaken in the water, [and He shall uproot Yisrael from this good land, which He gave to their fathers, and shall scatter them beyond the river, because they have made their Asherim, provoking HaSh-m to anger.]" (Melachim I 14:15)

9)[line 38]"נאמנים פצעי אוהב""NE'EMANIM PITZ'EI OHEV"- "The wounds of a friend are faithful; but the kisses of an enemy are superfluous." (Mishlei 27:6) - Rashi offers two explanations for the word "Na'taros": (a) fickle, capricious; (b) (O.F. encres - burdensome) excessive

10)[line 40]וגזעו מחליףGIZ'O MACHALIF- its stump grows new stems that become another trunk

11)[line 42]ארזEREZ- a cedar tree

12)[line 45]קולמוסKULMUS- stylus

13)[line 46]ממגדל גדורMIGDAL GEDOR- Dikdukei Sofrim #80 brings the Girsa'os MIGDAL GEDER and MIGDAL EDER, which is a place in Eretz Yisrael north of Chevron, mentioned in Bereishis 35:21


14)[line 1]מכוערMECHU'AR- ugly

15)[line 2]ולא החזיר לוLO HICHZIR LO- see Insights

16)[line 3]ריקהREIKAH!- you empty, worthless person!

17)[line 8]נעניתי לךNA'ANEISI LACH- (a) I spoke against you too much (RASHI Berachos 28a); (b) I have humbled and lowered myself in front of you (RASHASH ibid., based on Shemos 10:3)

18)[line 23]הי ניהו...?HAI NIHU...?- which ones are...?

19)[line 24]מחמת גובהייהוMACHAMAS GOVHAIHU- because of their height

20)[line 24]אגודא דנהראA'GUDA D'NAHARA- on the bank of the river

21)[line 25]אשיתא רעועהASHISA RE'U'AH- a wall in danger of collapse

22)[line 25]חליףCHALIF- pass by

23)[line 26]תותהTUSAH- (lit. beneath it) alongside of it

24)[line 27]נקיףNAKIF- let us walk around it

25)[line 28]ולא מסתפינאLO MISTEFINA- I am not afraid

26)[line 29]לפנוייהL'FANUYEI- to remove it

27)[line 33]מנכין לו מזכיותיוMENAKIN LO MI'ZECHIYOSAV- the Heavenly Court deducts it from his account of merits

28)[line 33]"קטנתי מכל החסדים ומכל האמת אשר עשית את עבדך כי במקלי עברתי את הירדן הזה ועתה היית לשני מחנות""KATONTI MI'KOL HA'CHASADIM UMI'KOL HA'EMES ASHER ASISA ES AVDECHA KI B'MAKLI AVARTI ES HA'YARDEN HA'ZEH V'ATAH HAYISI LI'SHNEI MACHANOS" - "I have become small (undeserving) through all the kindnesses and truth that You performed with your servant; because I crossed this Yarden (on the way down to Charan), and now I have [increased to] become two camps." (Bereishis 32:11) (YAKOV AVINU RETURNS TO ERETZ YISRAEL)

(a)Rashi on the verse explains that Yakov Avinu acknowledges here the immense kindnesses that HaSh-m performed with him, having kept the promises that He had made to him. On the other hand, he conceded his fear that all those kindnesses detracted from his merits, thereby magnifying the dangers of his forthcoming confrontation with his brother Esav, who was coming to meet him with 400 men.

(b)The Ramban disagrees with Rashi's explanation. He translates "Katonti" as "I am unworthy" (rather than "I have become small"). Our Sugya supports Rashi's interpretation.

29)[line 39]ולא ששתי בתקלתV'LO SASTI B'TAKALAS CHAVERAI- and I did not rejoice at another person's failure

30a)[line 39]בהכינתוB'HACHINASO- (a) using his derogatory nickname (RASHI); (b) according to the Girsa B'CHANICHASI - with a nickname that I invented (ARUCH)

b)[line 40]בחניכתוB'CHANICHASO- (a) a derogatory nickname of one's ancestors that has become rooted in his family history (RASHI); (b) with a nickname that others have invented (ARUCH)

31a)[line 41]בינקותיהYANKUSEI- his youth

b)[line 41]בסיבותיהSIVUSEI- his old age

32)[line 42]יומא דעיבאYOMA D'EIVA- a cloudy day (when strong winds threatened to throw down walls that were in danger of collapse)

33)[line 42]הוו מפקין ליהHAVU MAFKIN LEI- they would take him out

34)[line 42]בגוהרקא דדהבאGUHARKA D'DAHAVA- a golden carriage used by distinguished people

35)[line 42]וסיירSAYAR- inspect

36)[line 43]למרהL'MARA- for its owner

37)[line 44]פניא דמעלי שבתאPANYA D'MA'ALEI SHABATA- towards evening of Erev Shabbos; when Shabbos was about to begin

38)[line 45]פייש להו לגינאיFAYISH LEHU L'GINA'EI- that remained with the farmers who came to sell them

39)[line 46]דסמכא דעתייהוD'SAMCHA DA'ATAIHU- they would rely on it

40)[line 48]מילתא דאסותאMILSA D'ASVASA- a remedy; medicinal herbs

41)[line 48]הוי מלי כוזא (דמיא) מיניהHEVI MALI KUZA (D'MAYA) MINEI- he would fill a small cup of it

42)[line 48]בסיפא דביתאSIPA D'VEISA- at his doorpost

43)[line 49]מילתא דשיבתאMILSA D'SHIVSA- (a) [he learned] a practice of the demons (Shivta is the name of an evil spirit - Yoma 77b), in which they attacked anyone who ate without washing his hands first (RASHI); (b) a medicinal elixir (RABEINU CHANANEL)

44)[line 50]ודלי ליהDALI LEI- he suspended it

45)[last line]פתח לבביהPASACH L'BAVEI- open the gate to his house

46)[last line]כולהו מצינא מקיימנאKULHU MATZINA MEKAIMANA- all of these [great deeds] we are able to carry out