SUKAH 10 (8 Av 5781) - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Mrs. Lily (Leah bas Pinchas) Kornfeld, who passed away on 8 Av 5765, by her daughter and son-in-law, Diane and Andy Koenigsberg and family. May Lily and her husband's love for Torah and for Eretz Yisrael continue in all of their descendants.

[10a - 33 lines; 10b - 41 lines]

1a)[line 3]בתוך עשריםB'SOCH ESRIM- within twenty Amos [of the ground]. If the Sechach of the upper Sukah is more than twenty Amos above the ground, than it becomes Sechach Pasul and invalidates even the lower Sukah due to the mixture of valid and invalid Sechach (see Background to Sukah 9:12). TOSFOS DH Ha (9b) has a different Girsa and understanding of this part of the Gemara; see Insights.

b)[line 6]בתוך עשריםB'SOCH ESRIM- within twenty Amos [of the Sechach of the lower Sukah, which functions as the floor of the upper Sukah]

c)[line 8]דילמא מצטרף סכך פסול בהדי סכך כשרDILMA MITZTAREF SECHACH PASUL BA'HADEI SECHACH KASHER- perhaps [the upper Sukah will rise above twenty Amos, and then] invalid Sechach will mix with kosher Sechach! (see above, entry #1a; see also TOSFOS DH Ha on 9a and Insights here)

2)[line 11]אהלי טומאהOHALEI TUM'AH- see Background to 6:4

3)[line 15]מקום [חשוב]MAKOM [CHASHUV]- a significant area [that is considered a separate domain, such as a Reshus ha'Yachid with regard to Hotza'ah on Shabbos (see Background to 6:6)]

4)[line 24]התחתונהHA'TACHTONAH- the [Sechach of the] bottom [Sukah]

5a)[line 25]כריםKARIM- mattresses

b)[line 25]כסתותKESASOS- pillows

6)[line 27]פירס עליה סדיןPIRES ALEHA SADIN- if one spread a sheet over [the Sechach]

7)[line 27]נשרNESHER- falling leaves and twigs

8)[line 28]ע"ג הקינוףAL GABEI HA'KINOF- [as a canopy] over a four poster bed

9)[line 28]פסולהPESULAH- [the area under the sheet is] not valid [as a Sukah; in the first two cases due to that which he used invalid material for his Sechach, and in the last due to that which he is not sitting in the Sukah, but rather under the canopy]

10)[line 28]על גבי נקליטי המטהAL GABEI NAKLITEI HA'MITAH- [as a tent] over two posts rising from a bed, one from the middle of the head and the other from the middle of the foot

11)[line 29]לנאותהL'NA'OSAH- to beautify it [in which case it is not intended as a roofing material]

12)[line 31]עיטרהITRAH- he decorated it

13a)[line 32]קרמיןKERAMIM- (O.F. ovrez) needlework

b)[line 32]סדינין המצויריןSEDININ HA'METZUYARIN- embroidery

c)[line 32]שקדיםSHEKEDIM- almonds

d)[line 32]אפרסקיןAFARSEKIN- (O.F. persches?) peaches (RASHI to Shabbos 22a). According to Y. Feliks, Plant World of the Bible, Ramat Gan 1968, the correct Girsa is APASTEKIN - a type of nut (possibly the Pistachio). As peaches are a summer fruit, they would not be available on Sukos.

e)[line 32]פרכילי ענביםPARCHILEI ANAVIM- clusters of grapes

f)[last line]עטרות של שבוליןATAROS SHEL SHIBOLIN- wreaths woven from stalks of grain

g)[last line]יינותYEYNOS- wines [hung in glass containers]

14)[last line]להסתפק מהןL'HISTAPEK ME'HEN- to take from the [food items]


15)[line 3]אין ממעטין בסוכהEIN MEMA'ATIN B'SUKAH- are not Halachically considered to lessen the height of a Sukah

16a)[line 5]איטמישא ליה כתונתא במיאITMISHA LEI KETONTA B'MAYA- his tunic became soaked with water

b)[line 5](ואשתטחא) [ואשטחא] אמטללתא(V'ASHTATCHA) [V'ASHTECHA] A'METALELTA- and he spread it over the Sechach of the Sukah

17)[line 6]דלייהDALYEI- remove it

18)[line 8]רטיבאRETIVA- it is wet [and it is therefore clear that it was spread there to dry]

19)[line 9]המופלגין ממנה ארבעהHA'MUFLAGIM MIMENAH ARBA'AH- that are separated (i.e., hanging) more than four Tefachim [below the Sechach]

20)[line 12]איקלעו לבי ריש גלותאIKLE'U L'BEI REISH GALUSA- they went to the house of the Reish Galusa, their Rebbi. It is a Mitzvah to visit one's Rebbi on Sukos.

21)[line 12]אגנינהו רב נחמןAGNINHU RAV NACHMAN- Rav Nachman gave them a place to sleep

22)[line 15]הדור בהו רבנן משמעתייהו?HADUR BEHU RABANAN MI'SHEMAITAIHU?- have the Rabanan (i.e., you, Rav Chisda and Rabah bar Rav Huna) retracted their ruling [that such a Sukah is Pasul]?

23)[line 17]כילהKILAH- a four poster bed covered by a canopy

24)[line 29]קביעיKEVI'I- they are [a more] permanent [structure than a Kilah]

25)[line 31]לשויי אוהלאL'SHAVYEI OHELA- to consider it a tent (that is, a separate domain) [whereas the rest of the Sukah remains kosher] (See Pnei Yehoshua)