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ONE WHO SEES FOR THE FIRST TIME (Yerushalmi Perek 1 Halachah 5 Daf 4b)

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If a Zekenah ceased [to see] for three Onos, she is Dayah Shaitah. If [after this sighting] she ceased for another three Onos and afterwards saw, she is Dayah Shaitah. If she ceased for another three Onos and afterwards saw she is like all women, and she is Metamei me'Es la'Es or from her last Bedikah (whichever is less).



Limitation: This is when she did not see at the same interval, due to a Veses, rather, she saw after a smaller interval. If she saw at the same interval, she fixed a Veses [and Dayah Shaitah. We explained this like GILYON EFRAYIM.]

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Question (R. Yudan): If a girl [who did not reach the age to see] saw her first sighting, and a second, and ceased three Onos and did not see, and afterwards she saw - is this like a long Veses (interval, i.e. it is considered her third sighting), and now she is Metamei me'Es la'Es? Or, is it an interruption (her blood ceased, so her third sighting is like a Besulah's first sighting, that Dayah Shaitah?)

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Answer (R. Yosi): When you make [one who reached the age to see] like one heavy with blood (her Kesem is Tamei retroactively), you say Dayah Shaitah, here that you did not make [one who did not reach the age] like one heavy with blood (even the one who is Metamei her Kesem, it is only from now and onwards), all the more so [she is Dayah Shaitah]!



Question (R. Yudan): If so (is it an interruption, and she is like a Besulah again), even if she saw once [more, i.e. a second time after the interruption], she should not be Metamei me'Es la'Es, [like a Besulah, who is not Metamei me'Es la'Es] until she sees three times after her interruption!

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Answer (R. Yosi): It is like a long Veses.


Question: What Onah do we give to her?


Answer: We give to her the average Onah.


(Reish Lakish citing R. Yudan ha'Nasi): We give to her the average Onah, i.e. 30 days.


Question: We should give [to a girl who saw before her time to see] an Onah (and if she sees the second time after the Onah, she should be like all women)!


Answer: Since she was not established (to see regularly), she does not have an Onah.


Question: Does she (one who did not reach the age to see, and saw two sightings) have [to be concerned for] stains?


Answer #1 (Chizkiyah): Since you made her like one heavy with blood, she has stains.


Answer #2 (Shmuel): Even if the entire sheet is full of drops of blood, she does not have stains.


Answer #3 (R. Yochanan citing R. Yanai): Even if she saw 100 times, she does not have stains.


Question: Until when is this?


Answer: It is until the days of Na'arus.


What are the days of Na'arus? It is from when she brings two hairs.


(R. Ba citing R. Chiyah citing R. Yochanan citing R. Shimon ben Yotzadak): Her spit is Tahor. What she steps on is Tahor. What she touches in Reshus ha'Rabim (Safek Tum'ah in Reshus ha'Rabim is Tahor) is Tahor.



Assumption: This refers to me'Es la'Es (before she saw).