NAZIR 59 (7 Cheshvan) - in honor of the Yahrzeit of ha'Gaon Rav Meir Shapiro, founder of the renowned Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin, representative of the Jewish community in the Polish parliament, and creator of the DAFYOMI STUDY CYCLE (see for more about him). Dedicated by Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Kovacs of Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel - may the great Gaon be a Melitz Yosher for the Kovacs children to grow up with love of Torah and Yir'as Shamayim and succeed in all that they do, and may the Zechus of the great Tzadik stand for Klal Yisrael to merit a complete redemption speedily, in our days!

[59a - 30 lines; 59b - 31 lines]

1)[line 3]"[לא יהיה כלי גבר על אשה] ולא ילבש גבר שמלת אשה; [כי תועבת ה' א-לקיך כל עשה אלה]""[LO YIHEYEH CHLI GEVER AL ISHAH] V'LO YILBASH GEVER SIMLAS ISHAH; [KI SO'AVAS HASH-M EL-KECHA KOL OSEH ELEH]"- "[No male article shall be on a woman] and a man shall not wear a woman's garment; [because whoever does these practices is an abomination of HaSh-m your E-lokim]" (Devarim 22:5).

2)[line 12]"תועבה היא""TO'EVAH HI"- these words appear in other verses that do not apply to our Sugya (Vayikra 18:22; Devarim 24:4). The correct Girsa seems to be "TO'AVAS HASH-M," as in the previous entry.

3)[line 16]בכלי זייןKLEI ZAYIN- weapons

4)[line 17]שלא יתקן איש בתיקוני אשהSHE'LO YESAKEN ISH B'SIKUNEI ISHAH- that a man should not adorn himself with a woman's adornments

5)[line 22]נגידאNEGIDAH- lashing

6)[line 23]שיבקוה [ל]דין מן חבריא הואSHIVKUHA [L']DEIN; MIN CHEVRAYA HU- leave him alone (i.e. do not administer the lashing); he is one of the "Chevraya" (the extra "Lamed" is the Girsa of the Codex Munich manuscript)

7)[line 24]מן חבריאMIN CHEVRAYA (CHAVER)

A person is called a Chaver if he accepts upon himself four things:

1.never to give Terumah and Ma'asros to an Am ha'Aretz;

2.never to prepare Taharos in the vicinity of an Am ha'Aretz; always eat Chulin b'Taharah; take Ma'aser from all produce that one eats, sells and buys (Tosefta Demai 2:2-3). The Gemara in Bechoros 30b explains exactly how one goes about accepting this distinguished status.

8)[line 26]בר פחתי!BAR PACHASEI!- son of great people!

9)[line 28]לחוךLA'CHUCH- to rub, scratch [in order to remove the hair]


10)[line 22]קרבנותיו לחצאיםKORBENOSAV L'CHATZA'IN- that is, if the Nazir acts according to Ben Zoma's ruling, in the event that he was Tahor, he will have brought his Korbanos in two separate stages ("l'Chatza'in" - broken up): the Olah after the first thirty days and the Chatas and Shelamim after the second thirty days

11)[line 23]ולייתי!V'LAISI!- and let him bring it (the Korban Nazir Tahor l'Chatza'in)! i.e. what is wrong with Ben Zoma's ruling that the Nazir will bring his Korbanos in two stages?

12)[line 24]לחדד בה את התלמידיםL'CHADED BAH ES HA'TALMIDIM- [Rebbi Yehoshua made his statement to induce his students to question it and] to sharpen his student's scholarship

13)[line 25]מאי ליעביד ליה רבי יהושע לדקיה דלא ליסרוMAI LI'AVID LEI REBBI YEHOSHUA L'DAKEI D'LO LISRU- (a) What will Rebbi Yehoshua do about the Chalavim (or Eimurin; "Dakin" refer to intestines) so that they will not decay [because of the extra time that it takes to have two Nezirim shave and not just one]? (TOSFOS) (ARZEI HA'LEVANON, citing the BE'ER MOSHE explains that Tosfos is referring to the lack of honor that is being shown towards the Korban by causing the Eimurim to wait the extra time; they do not decay in such a short time.); (b) What will Rebbi Yehoshua do about the intestinal pain ("Lisru" from the word Yisurim) of the second person who will have to keep the laws of Nezirus and not drink wine for sixty days? Wine is beneficial to the intestines (Nedarim 66a) and Rebbi Yehoshua is causing another person to abstain from it (RASHASH).