Since when is a Chatas Chitzonah (whose blood is sprinkled on the Mizbe'ach ha'Olah) burnt - and not eaten by the Kohanim?


Rashi and Ramban: This is the only case of a Chatas Chitzonah 1 that is burned. 2


See also Rashi, Vayikra 9:11 (and Sifsei Chachamim there) . 2

It was a Hora'as Sha'ah (a P'sak for that time only [Ramban]). See Ramban, who explains the striking similarity between this Korban and the Chatas of a Kohen Gadol and why, on the other hand, its blood was sprinkled on the Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon, whereas the Chatas of the Kohen Gadol was sprinkled on the Mizbe'ach ha'Penimi.

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