What does "ha'Cheilev ha'Mechaseh es ha'Kerev" refer to?


Rashi: It refers exclusively to the membrane that covers the Keres (the innards).


Ramban: Since the Torah adds the word "Kol", it incorporates the membrane and a second layer of Cheilev that covers the innards. 1


Sometime the Torah specifically mentions both layers of Cheilev (such as Vayikra, 3:3) and sometimes (such as here) it incorporates them both in the word "Kol" (Ramban). See Ramban, who elaborates further.


What does the Torah mean when it writes "ve'Eis ha'Yoseres al ha'Kaveid "?


Rashi: It means that Moshe was to burn some of the liver on the Mizbe'ach together with the lobe of the liver (the diaphragm).

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