What is the significance of the first bull that they brought to purify the Leviyim, as an Olah?


Rashi: The Tzibur brings a bull for an Olah 1 to atone for Avodah-Zarah.


In addition to a goat for a Chatas (15:24).


Why does the Torah add the word "Sheni"?


Rashi: To teach us that, like the Olah, it was not to be eaten. 1


In spite of the fact that it was a Chatas Chitzonah (whose blood was sprinkled on the Mizbe'ach ha'Olah).


Why was the Chatas not eaten?


Rashi: It was a Hora'as Sha'ah (a temporary ruling, confined to that occasion). 1


Rashi: Just as the fact that they brought a bull as the Chatas, and not a goat (See 15:24) was a Hora'as Sha'ah.


Why does it mention the Olah first regarding taking them, and the Chatas first regarding Hakravah (verse 12)?


Hadar Zekenim: The nicer one should be the Olah, for it is totally burned [on the Mizbe'ach]. Chatas is always offered before Olah.


Rashi writes that they should have brought a goat for the Chatas, but it was a Hora'as Sha'ah. The goat is brought for Shogeg. They were Mezid at the Egel, for Moshe tested them like Sotos!


Riva: Really, they should not have brought any Korban, for they were Mezid. Since they brought a Korban, it should have been the Korban for Shogeg. 1


Riva citing R. Tam: Some people did not believe totally in the Egel, but they thought that it has some [power]. 2 They were Shogeg, and it was proper to bring a goat for them.


The Korban is only for Shogeg based on a mistaken ruling of the Great Sanhedrin! Perhaps since Aharon told them to bring gold, this is like a mistaken ruling. (PF)


Riva: This answers also another question. Refer to Shemos 32:4:151.


Rashi writes that the Chatas was not eaten (rather, it was burned). He wrote in Vayikra (9:11) that the only Chata'os Chitzoniyos that were burned were of Aharon and the Milu'im!


Riva (Shemos 29:14): Also of the Leviyim was Milu'im (to inaugurate them), Rashi means 'except for of Aharon, the Milu'im, and similar matters.'


Moshav Zekenim (Shemos 29:14): We can say that the second bull of the Leviyim was an inner Chatas, for they brought it for the Tzibur.


Moshav Zekenim: Here it was not burned on the Mizbe'ach. There, Rashi discusses Chata'os burned on the Mizbe'ach.

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