[107a - 37 lines; 107b - 49 lines]

***************GIRSA SECTION******************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any OTHER important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos

[1] Gemara 107b [line 19]:

The words "Amar Rav Papa bi'Shelama d'Rav v'Rebbi Yochanan Lo Kashya Ha d'Ika..." אמר רב פפא בשלמא דרב ורבי יוחנן לא קשיא הא דאיכא are very unclear; the Maharam writes that there are those who replace the entire phrase with the words "v'Lo Peligi Ha d'Ika..." ולא פליגי הא דאיכא (which is a proper Girsa that appears in the Rosh and Ra'ah - see Maharsha)

[2] Rashi 107b DH Balam. b'Mem Setumah בלם. במ'' ם סתומה:

This Rashi is a continuation of the previous Rashi


1)[line 1]פקתא דערבותPIKSA D'ARAVOS- the Valley of Aravos in Bavel, where the water supply was extremely limited

2)[line 3]בשעת הדחקB'SHE'AS HA'DECHAK- in extenuating circumstances

3)[line 6]אריתא דדלאיARISA D'DALA'EI- an irrigation pipe, into which buckets of river water are poured

4)[line 8]דולאDAVLA- bucket

5)[line 9]בזיע דולאBEZI'A DAVLA- split, perforated

6)[line 10]בכונס משקהB'CHONES MASHKEH- perforated by a hole large enough to let water into the bucket when the bucket is placed on top of water

7)[line 10]מילף לייפיMEILAF LAIFEI- they are attached

8)[line 18]קפדיתוKAPDISU- are you particular?

9)[line 19]אחזותאA'CHAZUSA- on the appearance

10)[line 25]נטלאNATLA- a glass cup

11)[line 26]כוזאKUZA- a cup made of pottery

12)[line 26]מגופת חביתMEGUFAS CHAVIS- the cover of a barrel

13)[line 29]חמתCHEMES- (O.F. bolzole) a leather shepherd's purse, made by sewing up the hide of an animal, used to hold liquids

14)[line 29]כפישהKEFISHAH- a type of leather bag

15)[line 30]שקSAK- a sack (made from goat hair)

16)[line 30]קופהKUPAH- a basket

17)[line 31]לאכול במפהLE'ECHOL B'MAPAH- to eat with a napkin or towel


18)[line 1]עבדין כדין?AVDIN K'DEIN?- Is it proper to act like that (to eat without Netilas Yadayim)?

19)[line 1]דעתי קצרה עליDAITI KETZARAH ALAI- I am overly sensitive (i.e. I become disgusted easily)

20)[line 3]בבלאי חמתותB'VELA'EI CHAMASOS- with worn out leather shepherd's purses

21)[line 5]אשתמיטתיהISHTEMITSEI- it escaped him (he forgot)

22)[line 9]אוכל מחמת מאכילOCHEL MACHMAS MA'ACHIL- one who eats from [the hand of] another who is feeding him

23)[line 11]בלםBALAM- (a) he sliced [a slice of meat] (RASHI, 1st explanation); (b) [he roasted meat by] covering it with coals (RASHI, 2nd explanation)

24)[line 12]אומצאUMTZA- meat that is raw or nearly raw

25)[line 16]שמשSHAMASH- waiter, attendant

26)[line 32]שיבתאSHIBSA- name of an evil spirit that endangers the health of those who eat food touched with unwashed hands

27)[line 33]דמחיין רבאיD'MACHYAN RABA'I- since my teacher hit me

28)[line 34]אמאי?AMAI?- Why [did he hit you]?

29)[line 34]דאמר לי, "קא ספית לבראי ולא משית (ידיה) [ידיך]!?"D'AMAR LI, "KA'SAFIS LI'VERA'I V'LO MASHIS (YADEI) [YADEICH]!?"- Because he said to me, "You fed my son and you did not wash your hands!?"

30a)[line 35]א''ל, "לא מיסתייה דלא גמיר"AMAR LEI, LO MISTAYEI D'LO GAMIR- he (Shmuel's father) said to him (Shmuel), "It is not enough that he (your teacher) does not know the Halachah [that when someone feeds another person, he need not wash his hands]...

b)[line 35]מימחא נמי מחי?MIMCHA NAMI MACHEI?- ... but he even hit you?!

31)[line 39]צונן בצונן הואTZONEN B'TZONEN HU- it is a case where a cold food is touching another cold food (and there is no mixing of milk an meat in such a case)

32a)[line 40]נהי דקליפה לא בעיNEHI D'KELIFAH LO BA'I- Granted that the meat and the cheese do not have to be peeled at the point that they touched

b)[line 40]הדחה מי לא בעיHADACHAH MI LO BA'I- however, they do need to be rinsed

33)[line 43]לפונדק אחדL'FUNDAK ECHAD- to an inn

34)[line 45]בתפיסה אחתB'TEFISAH ACHAS- when they are in one bunch (see Insights, #4)

35)[line 46]כעין תפיסה אחתK'EIN TEFISAH ACHAS- with the appearance of being bunched together

36)[line 46]סריקיןSARIKIN- cakes that had figures etched into them

37)[line 47]סריקי בייתוסSARIKEI BAISUS- the cakes of the baker Baisus (who made the figures by baking the cakes in a mold)

38)[last line]מי שאין לו אלא חלוק אחד מותר לכבסו בחולו של מועדMI SHE'EIN LO ELA CHALUK ECHAD MUTAR L'CHABSO B'CHOLO SHEL MO'ED- a person who only has one shirt is permitted to wash it on Chol ha'Mo'ed