[50a - 40 lines; 50b - 43 lines]

1)[line 1]דאקשתאD'AKSHATA- (O.F. feste) [fat] of the small amount of Chelev over the string (version 1) or over the bow (version 2)

2)[line 2]דאייתראD'AYATRA- the fat of the bowstring which clings to the abomasum and is definitely not a draping fat

3)[line 5]מקמציןMEKAMTZIN- we skim a little off the surface of the fat of the bowstring and eat the rest

4)[line 9]קמוץ הב לי דאיכולKEMOTZ HAV LI D'EICHOL- skim a little off the surface of the fat of the bowstring and give me the rest to eat

5)[line 9]חזייה דהוי קמחסםCHAZYEI D'HAVI KA'MECHASEM- he (Rebbi Chanina) saw him (his attendant) that he was hesitant to do so

6)[line 10]גום שדיGUM SHADI- cut off the fat entirely and throw it away

7)[line 11]בני מעייןBNEI ME'AYIN- entrails, small intestines

8a)[line 13]שירקא דמעייאSHIRKA D'ME'AYA- (a) the thin film that is attached to the entrails (RASHI to Pesachim 68a); (b) (O.F. glaire) a viscous, sticky substance

b)[line 13]דנפיק אגב דוחקאD'NAFIK AGAV DUCHKA- (a) that comes out with difficulty; (b) alt. Girsa, D'NAFKA AGAV DUCHKA D'SAKINA - that comes out through [using] the pressure of a knife (RASHI to Pesachim 68a)

9)[line 13]גמירי חבריאGEMIREI CHEVRAYA- the colleagues [of Rebbi Aba] learned a tradition [from Rebbi Aba]

10)[line 19]כל שלשה ימים הראשוניםKOL SHELOSHAH YAMIM HA'RISHONIM- for the first three days [of mourning, if a relative of the deceased who did not know of the death arrives at the place of mourning]

11)[line 19]ממקום קרובMI'MAKOM KAROV- [if he comes] from a nearby place (i.e. a place that is within a day's journey), [then he counts seven days of Shiv'ah with the other mourners]

12)[line 20]ממקום רחוקMI'MAKOM RACHOK- [if he comes] from a distant place (i.e. one that is more than a day's journey away), [then he counts Shiv'ah on his own and must observe a full seven days of Shiv'ah, starting from when he arrived and found out about the death]

13)[line 22]אמר מאן דהואAMAR MAN D'HU- someone said; one of the scholars said

14)[line 22]איזכי ואיסק ואגמרה לשמעתאIZKI V'EISAK V'AGMERAH LI'SHEMAITA- I should merit to go up to Eretz Yisrael and learn this teaching from the mouth of its master (from Rebbi Aba b'Rebbi Chiya bar Aba)

15)[line 23]כי סליקKI SALIK- when he went up to Eretz Yisrael

16)[line 28]מקיפים בבני מעייםMAKIFIM BI'VENEI ME'AYIM- [if we are unsure about whether a puncture in the innards came before or after slaughter, we may puncture other innards;] if the wound resembles the fresh wound, [the animal is Kosher]

17)[line 29]ממשמש בהו ואידמוMEMASHMESH BEHU V'IDMU- he rubbed the new holes and they appeared similar

18)[line 31]חכים ברי בטרפות כרבי יוחנןCHAKIM BRI BI'TEREIFOS K'REBBI YOCHANAN- my son is well-learned with regard to the laws of Tereifos, like Rebbi Yochanan was (a) with regard to all matters of Halachah (RASHI, 1st explanation); (b) with regard to the laws of Tereifos (RASHI, 2nd explanation)

19)[line 32]ערוגהARUGAH- [in the same] row [of lobes]

20)[line 33]מדקה לדקהMI'DAKAH L'DAKAH- from small to small

21)[line 33]ומגסה לגסהUMI'GASAH L'GASAH- and from large to large

22)[line 35]חוליאCHULYA- in the same three-ring band (the cartilage rings of the trachea)

23)[line 36]בר חוליאBAR CHULYA- sub-band (the lower half of the throat-side, three-ring band)

24)[line 37]חלחולתCHALCHOLES- the rectum

25)[line 38]ויריכים מעמידות אותהVI'REICHAYIM MA'AMIDOS OSAH- since the hips support it; i.e. the rectum as it exits the abdominal cavity is tightly encased by the bones of the haunches (the hipbones) on each side and by the spinal column above and by cartilage below

26)[line 38]וכמה?V'CHAMAH?- and which part of the rectum does not become a Tereifah through a mere puncture? (RAN)

27)[line 39]מקום הדבק ברובוMAKOM HA'DEVEK B'RUBO- the place where it adheres to the hips in its majority; i.e. in that place it is a Tereifah only if a majority of the circumference is torn at that point

28)[line 40]לא תתלוLO TEISLU- do not hang on him (on Rav Nachman); i.e. do not attribute empty statements to Rav Nachman


29)[line 1]בוקי סריקיBUKEI SERIKEI- empty pitchers (do not attribute to him things that were never said)

30)[line 3]כדי תפיסהKEDEI TEFISAH- as long as there is a place to grasp it intact within that area

31)[line 3]כמלא בטדא בתוראKI'MELO BATDA B'SORA- [What is considered enough place to grasp? Abaye says] room for four fingers (Rashi - one finger) suffices [even] for an ox

32)[line 7]סניא דיביSANYA DIVEI- (a) (O.F. crestange bodel) caecum, blind gut or inner paunch; (b) (O.F. bodel sacelier) caecum, blind gut (O.F. pance) paunch, the first stomach of ruminants

33)[line 8]איסתומכא דכרסאISTUMKA D'CHARSA- (O.F. estomaque) the opening of the rumen (rumen is the first stomach of animals that chew the cud)

34)[line 11]נפל כרסא בביראNAFAL KERESA B'VIRA- [if you do not know which section Rebbi Yochanan meant,] the paunch has fallen into a pit; i.e. you have not explained anything useful to us by quoting Rebbi Yochanan's opinion

35)[line 12]מן המיצר ולמטהMIN HA'METZAR UL'MATAH- it is from the point where it narrows and downward; i.e. from where the paunch begins to narrow as it approaches the esophagus, and all the way to the esophagus

36)[line 13]מקום שאין בו מילתMAKOM SHE'EIN BO MEILAS- the inner paunch is the area of the paunch that does not have wool

37)[line 16]אמרי במערבהAMREI B'MA'ARAVAH- they say in the west (i.e. in Eretz Yisrael)

38)[line 18]בשר החופה את רוב הכרסBASAR HA'CHOFEH ES ROV HA'KERES- the flesh that covers most of the paunch, a reference to a specific section of the abdominal wall

39)[line 20]היכא דפרעי טבחיHEICHA D'FAR'EI TABACHEI- where the butchers expose that part of the paunch when they slit open the belly of the hanging animal

40)[line 32]דהויא טפח במשהוD'HAVYA TEFACH B'MASHEHU- it is a handbreadth in a little more than its greater part

41)[line 35]נקדרה כסלעNIKDERAH K'SELA- if a circular hole the size of a Sela coin was gouged from the outer paunch it is a Tereifah

42)[line 35]שאם תמתח תעמוד על טפחSHE'IM TIMATE'ACH TA'AMOD AL HA'TEFACH- if it were stretched into a straight line it would amount to a handbreadth

43)[line 37]אמברא דנהרדעA'MAVRA D'NEHARDE'A- at the river-crossing at Neharde'a

44)[line 39]דעיילן תלת קשייתא בציפא בדוחקאD'AYLAN TELAS KASHYASA B'TZIFA B'DOCHAKA- in a case where three date pits can pass tightly through the hole if they are coated with fruit residue

45)[line 40]בלא ציפא ברווחאB'LO TZIFA BI'REVACHA- in a case where three date pits can pass tightly through the hole if they are not coated with fruit residue