BUYING SHELAMIM AND TERUMAH (Yerushalmi Ma'aser Sheni Perek 3 Halachah 2 Daf 15b)


(R. Ba/ R. Chiya citing R. Yochanan): Shelamim that were bought with Ma'aser Sheni money that became blemished and were redeemed; they do not go back and become Ma'aser Sheni.

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R. Zeira and R. Hila both quoted R. Yosi ben Chanina. One said that if Shelamim were bought with Ma'aser Sheni money, they have lost their Kedushah of Ma'aser Sheni. If Terumah was bought with Ma'aser Sheni money, they have not lost their Kedushah of Ma'aser Sheni.

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Question (our Mishnah):- (How could R. Shimon have responded to the Chachamim (see earlier Bechoros 41(b)), "If it's permitted to buy an animal for use as a Shelamim offering, even though it could bring it to the prohibitions of Pigul, Nosar and Tamei; should we not be lenient with Terumah?'') How could he ask from Shelamim, that lose their Kedushah of Ma'aser Sheni, to Terumah where they do not lose their Kedushah (so there's more of a concern that they will become disqualified)...?

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Rebuttal: The other one said (either R. Zeira or R. Hila, who cited R. Yosi ben Chanina) that there's no question from the Mishnah against R. Yosi ben Chanina - if they were lenient to permit buying Shelamim with Maaser money even though the Kedushah (of Ma'aser Sheni) will be lost; certainly they would permit buying Terumah using Ma'aser Sheni money that does not lose its Kedushah!