MISUSE OF MAASER SHENI (Yerushalmi Ma'aser Sheni Perek 2 Halachah 1 Daf 9a)



Question: What's considered eating something that's normal to eat?

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They do not obligate him to eat bread that is rotten or rotten vegetable leaves or a dish that was left overnight. Similarly, if he wished to eat raw beets or chew on raw wheat kernels, they don't listen to him.



Question: What's considered drinking that which is normal to drink?

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Answer: One is not obligated to drink the water in which (Ma'aser Sheni) beets were cooked, or the cooking waters of any other vegetables, or the wine found in sediment. (They may all be wasted, since it is not normal to drink them).



One who has toothache should not gulp and then spit out vinegar of Ma'aser Sheni, but he may gulp and swallow it or he may dip his bread in it (both with intention to heal his toothache).



One who has pain in his throat should not gargle and then spit out (Ma'aser Sheni) oil; but he may put a large amount of oil into beet water and gulp it.



One should not rub with wine or vinegar, but one may rub with oil.

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One who has a headache or sores on his head may rub with oil but not wine or vinegar. If spices were mixed with the wine, he may rub with it.

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Question: What's the difference between oil and wine? To rub with oil is normal; to rub with wine is not.



Question (R. Yudan): What's the law of Ma'aser Sheni oil that spoiled?

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Answer (R. Mana): Once it spoils, it loses its Kedushah.



(Restating the question): He was in fact asking about Sheviis oil - even after it spoils, does it retain its Kedushah? (The Gemara leaves this question unanswered.)