CHAZAL'S DECREE ABOUT BUYING ANIMALS (Yerushalmi Maaser Sheni Perek 1 Halachah 2 Daf 6a)

[דף ו עמוד א] אמר רבי יוחנן גזרו על נקיבה בעלת מום מפני וולדה גזרו על זכר בעל מום מפני נקיבה בעלת מום.


(R. Yochanan): They decreed against buying a female blemished animal with Maaser Sheni money, lest it's offspring be used for a sacrifice (thereby causing Maaser Sheni not to be consumed, as its Eimorim will be burned on the altar). And they also decreed against buying a male blemished animal on account of a female blemished animal.

ואמרין בשם רבי יוחנן אפילו תמימה גזירה.


(Said in the name of R. Yochanan): They also made the decree against buying an unblemished animal to consume, as the Baraisa teaches...

בראשונה היו אומרין לוקחין בהמה לבשר תאוה והיו בריחין אותו מעל גבי המזבח חזרו לומר לא יקחו אפילו חיה אפילו עופות


Originally they would say that (with Maaser Sheni money) one may buy an animal to consume (even though it is a Mitzvah to buy for a Shelamim offering). Everyone was buying animals for consumption rather than to be used for Shelamim offerings. They then said that one may not even buy a beast or a bird (for consumption).

כהדא דתני אחד שביעית ואחד מעשר שני מחללין אותו על נקיבה בעלת מום ועל שאר בהמה חיה ועוף בין חיין בין שחוטין דברי רבי מאיר וחכמים אומרים אין מחללין אלא על השחוטין בלבד.


It's like the Baraisa that taught - Both Sheviis and Maaser Sheni money may have their Kedushah transferred onto a female blemished animal or onto another animal, bird or beast, whether alive or slaughtered. These are the words of R. Meir, but the Chachamim said that one may only redeem onto slaughtered animals.

רבי ירמיה בשם רבי שמואל בר רב יצחק גזרו אותן שלא ירעו אותן עדרים עדרים.


(R. Yirmiyah citing R. Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak): They decreed that they should only buy slaughtered animals so that they shouldn't hold onto them and breed flocks from them.

קם רבי ירמיה עם רבי זעירא. א"ל עד כדון רבי שמואל בר רב יצחק קיים ואתון תליון ביה מרטוטיבן. והא אמרין בשם רבי יוחנן אפילו תמימה גזירה.


R. Yirmiyah met up with R. Zeira and R. Zeira said to him, "R. Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak is still alive and you are hanging rags on him!" (You are quoting him as saying something with baseless reasoning, as that was not the reason for their decree.) "As they say in the name of R. Yochanan that they even decreed about an unblemished animal (where breeding flocks is not relevant)".

דילמא לא איתאמרא אלא על השביעית.


(R. Yirmiyah to R. Zeira): Perhaps that reason was said about Sheviis (where avoiding bringing it as a sacrifice is not relevant).

אשכח תני על השביעית:


They discovered a Baraisa that taught that it was in fact said about Sheviis.