BARLEY AND WHEAT SEEDS (Yerushalmi Ma'asros Perek 4 Halachah 3 Daf 20a)

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(Mishnah): If a person peels barley kernels, he may do so one at a time and eat them. But if he peeled and had several in his hand, he is obligated (to tithe).



One who rolls (dried) wheat seeds in his fingers may winnow (blow) them from one hand to the other (to remove the chaff). However, if he did this and put several in his lap, he is obligated.



(Gemara) (R. Zeira): I permit peeling two at a time.



Support (Tosefta): For barley, two are exempt and three are obligated; for wheat, three are exempt and four are obligated.


Huna bar Chinana and Rav Tachlifa bar Imi were sitting in front of R. Elazar.


Clarification (R. Yona): If (whenever we mention Rav Tachlifa, he's Rav Tachlifa) who is not Bar Imi, then in this story it was Rav Tachlifa Bar Rav Imi. And if (whenever we mention Rav Tachlifa), he is (Rav Tachlifa) Bar Rav Imi, (then in this story he was not Bar Rav Imi).

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(Continuing with the story): R. Elazar's palm was full of barley until his knuckles. R. Huna and Rav Tachlifa were taking from him seeds, one by one and peeling and eating them. R. Elazar faced the wall and peeled all of them and showed them a fist full of peeled barley.



Support (Baraisa): ...as long as he doesn't winnow them using a funnel or a large bowl.



For the Melacha of Borer (selecting) on Shabbos, one is only liable if there was a quantity of a dried fig.



Question (R. Chiya bar Ada to R. Mana): You said that for barley, two are exempt and three are obligated. But for wheat, the Mishnah seems to permit a full hand...?



Answer (R. Mana): In the case of the wheat he will return whatever remains (after he eats).

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Support (Baraisa): When (does peeling more than two barley seeds establish an obligation)? When he isn't close to the threshing floor (so he won't return whatever remains). However, if he was close, even more than that is permitted, since he will return whatever remains.