[44a - 51 lines; 44b - 57 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any OTHER important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Gemara 44b [line 12]:

The words "d'Efshar Lach" דאפשר לך

should be "Efshar Lach" אפשר לך

[2] Gemara [line 13]:

Should be corrected as suggested by Shitah Mekubetzes #4

[3] Rashi 44b DH Es ד"ה את:

Should be corrected as suggested by Shitah Mekubetzes #20

[4] Rashi DH v'Lo ד"ה ולא:

The words "she'Einan Bol'in" שאינן בולעין

should be "she'Einan Nivla'in" שאינן נבלעין

[5] Rashi DH mi'Mero'ach ד"ה ממרוח:

The words "Mem d'Mero'ach Meshameshes Hi" מ"ם דמרוח משמשת היא

should be "Mem d'Mero'ach Einah Meshameshes Hi" מ"ם דמרוח אינה משמשת היא

[6] Rashi DH Gor'in ד"ה גורעין:

Should be corrected as suggested by Shitah Mekubetzes #26


1)[line 4]חזי למעלהCHAZI L'MA'ALAH- they look upwards

2a)[line 21]מחסורייתאMACHSORYASA- defective eyesight

b)[line 21]מבלבליתאMEVALBELISA- the white of the eye enters and is mixed into the black

c)[line 21]משניותאMISHNAYOSA- strabismus, a disorder of vision in which both eyes cannot be focused on the same spot at the same time

d)[line 21]כהיותאKAHAYUSA- blindness

3)[line 26]סני שמשSANEI SHEMESH- the haters of sunlight; i.e. people who have difficulty looking at sunny areas

4a)[line 28]תרוטותTERUTOS- rounded

b)[line 28]צירניותTZIRANIYOS- very rounded

5a)[line 28]דומעותDOM'OS- tearing [tears]

b)[line 28]דולפותDOLFOS- dripping

c)[line 28]טורדותTORDOS- running

6)[line 29]מזור עיניהMAZOR EINEI- a) his eyes move about; b) he suffers from batting eyelids

7)[line 30]נפישין זיפיהNEFISHIN ZIFEI- his eyebrows are long

8)[line 31]אשתיור גרדומיISHTAYUR GARDUMEI- the roots of the eyebrows remained visible

9)[line 42]טייעאTAY'A- an Arab merchant

10)[line 43]גדיא חזיזאGADYA CHAZIZA- a shaggy goat (with long ears)

11a)[line 50]איתעקור איתעקוריIS'AKUR IS'AKUREI- they were completely uprooted, leaving a hole in the head

b)[line 50]איגום איגומיIGUM IGUMEI- they were cut off level with the head


12)[line 1]צבהTZAVAH- blown up

13)[line 2]טיבורוTIBURO- his navel

14)[line 2]נכפהNICHPEH- epileptic

15)[line 2]אפילו אחת לימיםAFILU ACHAS L'YAMIM- even once in a while; even though he knows when to expect the disorder to affect him, he may not serve in the Beis ha'Mikdash during his "clear" moments (RASHI, RABEINU GERSHOM)

16)[line 2]רוח קצרהRU'ACH KETZARAH- short of spirit because of depression (because of a demonic spirit)

17)[line 10]נגדו ליה גלימאNAGDU LEI GELIMA- they spread out a cloak for him

18)[line 12]דלא אפשר ליה ליסתכן?D'LO EFSHAR LEI LISTAKEN?- should someone who is not able to spread out a cloak endanger himself?

19)[line 13]אגודא גמלאA'GUDA D'GAMLA- on the planks of a bridge

20)[line 14]חמתך קאתיאCHAMASECH KA'ASYA- your mother-in-law is approaching

21)[line 15]בשותתB'SHOSES- it was dripping

22)[line 18]כקליפת השוםK'KELIPAS HA'SHUM- a separation which is as thin as a garlic peel

23)[line 24]בזמן שאתה משים עצמך כבהמהBI'ZMAN SHE'ATAH MESIM ATZMECHA K'VEHEMAH- (lit. when you make yourself like an animal) when you are not embarrassed to urinate when necessary (RASHI); when you are modest (TOSFOS)

24)[line 27]הני (מדורי) [מדרי] דבבל מהדרי מיא לעין עיטםHANEI [MADREI] (MEDOREI) D'BAVEL MEHADREI MAYA L'EIN EITAM- these slopes of Bavel bring water to Eitam Spring in Yerushalayim

25)[line 29]לא תקום להדיאLO TAKUM L'HEDYA- should not stand [to urinate] openly

26)[line 30]אגיסאA'GISA- on the side

27a)[line 32]הדרוקןHADROKAN- a swelling and sickness of the stomach

b)[line 32]ירקוןYERAKON- jaundice

28)[line 34]דם רבה שחין רבהDAM RABAH SHECHIN RABAH- an over-increase in blood brings about the development and increase of boils

29)[line 37]רוח בן נפליםRU'ACH BEN NEFALIM- name of a demon which brings to prostration

30)[line 42]עד רכובהAD RECHUVAH- until the knee

31)[line 47]אשכיוASHACHAV- his testicles

32)[line 49]כל שמראיו חשוכיןKOL SHE'MAR'AV CHASHUCHIN- a person whose skin is dark

33)[line 55]גורעין ומוסיפין ודורשיןGOR'IN U'MOSIFIN V'DORSHIN- we can take off a letter from one word and attach it to an adjacent word and then expound the verse

34)[last line]מקיש בקרסוליו ובארכבותיוMAKISH B'KARSULAV UV'ARKUVOSAV- a person whose ankles knock together when he walks and a person who is knock-kneed