ROASTED EGG OF AN IDOLATER (Yerushalmi Halachah 8 Daf 16a)

ביצה צלויה שלהן בר קפרא שרי חזקיה אסר.


An egg roasted by an idolater - Bar Kapara permits it and Chizkiyah prohibits it.

עד כדון בשנצלית לדעת נצלית שלא לדעת


Question: This discussion applies when the idolater intended to roast it, but if he did it accidently, what is the law?

נישמעינה מן הדא מעשה שנפלה דליקה באשת קנים ובאגם תמרים והיו שם חגבים ונצלו אתא עובדא קומי רבי מנא ואסר.


Answer: There was once a fire ignited by an idolater in order to clear out an area in which canes were growing and an area in which date palms were growing. There were grasshoppers there and they were roasted in the fire. The question came before R. Mana (as to whether the roasted grasshoppers were prohibited because they were 'roasted by an idolater'). R. Mana prohibited them.

א"ר אבהו משום תערובת חגבין טמאים.


Rejection (R. Abahu): The reason he prohibited them was because non-Kasher grasshoppers were part of the mixture.

א"ר יוסי בי רבי בון והדא מן חמירתא דרבן. רב נחת לתמן חמתון מקללין וחמר עליהון.


(R. Yosi bei R. Bun): (Having learned earlier that Rav was stringent with their oil, the Gemara now cites) further examples of Rav's ruling stringently, (as cited in Yerushalmi Shekalim). Rav went to Bavel and saw that they were lenient with meat that was left in the hands of an idolater and he was stringent with them to prohibit it (if it left the sight of a Jew)...

חד בר נש הוה טעין קופד מהלך בשוקא אתת דייתא וחטפתא מן ידיה אתר תותיה אזל בעי מיסביניה א"ל רב אסור לית דנא אמר דנבילה הות טעינא ואתר תתה ונסיבת דין תחותוי.


A person was once walking in the marketplace carrying meat. A Daya (type of stork) came and snatched the meat from him. When the bird flew away, a piece of meat fell to the ground. The person wanted to take back the meat, but Rav told him that it was prohibited to him, as there was a concern that the bird had been carrying Neveilah meat that fell instead of the Kasher meat.

חד בר נש אזל בעי משזגה איסקופתה גו נהרא אנשיתה וסלק ליה אזל בעי מיסביניה א"ל רב אסור לך דנא אמר ההיא שטפה נהרא ואייתי חורי דנבילה תותיה.


A person once went to rinse a piece of meat in the river. He forgot the meat next to the river and when he remembered it, he wanted to go back and take it. Rav told him that it was prohibited, as (we could say that perhaps) the river washed away the Kasher piece of meat and another (non-Kasher) piece washed up over there.