[a - 32 lines; b - 52 lines]

1)[line 1]פרשייהוPIRSHAYHU- their waste products [are permitted]

2)[line 5]דליתיה לאיסורא בעיניהD'LEISEI L'ISURA B'EINEI- that the forbidden part is not identifiable

3)[line 8]כיון דאוקמיה קא מוקיםKEIVAN D'OKMEI KA MOKIM- since it (the rennet) curdles the cheese

4)[line 12]כנסת ישראלKENESES YISRAEL- lit. the Congregation of Israel, a reference to the Jewish people

5)[line 12]עריביםAREIVIM- they are sweet/dear

6)[line 17]חשוק שפתותיך זו בזוCHASHOK SIFSOSECHA ZO BA'ZO- seal your lips closed, one with the other (and do not ask why cheese of Nochrim is forbidden)

7)[line 19]ואין מפקפקין בהV'EIN MEFAKPEKIN BAH- and we do not delve into the reason for the new decree

8)[line 21]ניקורNIKUR- the poison from a snake

9)[line 25]מגדף בהMEGADEF BAH- he (Rebbi Yirmeyah) scoffed at it

10)[line 28]צחצוחי חלבTZICHTZUCHEI CHALAV- traces of milk


11)[line 3]שמחליקין פניהSHE'MACHLIKIN PANEIHA- that they coat its surface [with lard]

12)[line 6]בשרף הערלהB'SERAF HA'ORLAH- [the idolaters curdle the cheese] with the sap of fruit of Orlah (see Background to Avodah Zarah 48:35)

13)[line 8]בקטפא דגוזאBIKTEFA D'GAVZA- with the resin of wood

14)[line 11]ובשרף העיקריןUV'SERAF HA'IKARIN- and with the sap of the roots

15)[line 11]הפגיןHA'PAGIN- [the sap of] unripe figs

16)[line 16]לצלוחית של פלייטיןL'TZELOCHIS SHEL PALIYATIN- to a flask of balsam oil

17)[line 16]ריחה נודףREICHA NODEF- its fragrance spreads

18)[line 27]והשלקותVEHA'SHELAKOS- and thoroughly cooked vegetables

19)[line 28]וכבשיןU'CHEVASHIN- and pickled foods

20)[line 28]טרופה וטריתV'TARIS TERUFAH- and a minced small fish which is salted and eaten. (Since the fish is unrecognizable when minced, there is the possibility that a non-Kosher fish was mixed in with it.)

21)[line 29]כילבית שוטטת בוDAGAH KILBIS SHOTETES BO- it does not have the Kilbis fish swimming in it. Kilbis is a small non-Kosher fish (stickleback?) which develops in brine derived from kosher fish, but not in brine that contains any mixture of brine from non-Kosher fish.

22)[line 30]והחילקVEHA'CHILAK- the sultanis fish, which eventually develops fins and scales and therefore is kosher even when its fins and scales have not yet developed. They are forbidden if sold by idolaters because of similar non-Kosher fish sometimes found together with them which are difficult to distinguish from the young finless and scaleless Chilak.

23)[line 30]וקורט של חלתיתV'KORET SHEL CHILTIS- and a grain of Chiltis (O.F. lazre), assa foetida, an umbelliferous plant used as a resin, or whose leaves are used as a spice and for medicinal purposes; laserwort

24)[line 30]ומלח שלקונדיתU'MELACH SHELKUNDIS- and Shelkundis salt (the Gemara will explain what this is)

25)[line 33]חיורCHIVAR- white

26)[line 34]ניקוםNEKUM- let the Jew curdle it

27)[line 35]לכמכאL'CHAMKA- [he wants it] for a dairy dish

28)[line 36]נסיוביNISYOVEI- (O. F. mesgue) whey

29)[line 37]ביני אטפיBEINEI ATFEI- between the cracks

30)[line 40]פת פורניPAS PURNI- bread baked in a large commercial oven or furnace, with the opening on the side

31)[line 44]פלטרPALTAR- a baker

32)[line 50]מנכיתMENACHIS- biting

33)[line 50]אבי מצריA'BEI MITZREI- in the field on the borders

34)[line 51]לא תשתעוLO TISHTA'U- (a) do not speak [with Aivo]; (b) do not quote any ruling in his name (HAGAHOS HA'BACH)