[a - 45 lines; b - 40 lines]

1)[line 1]דאביק בהD'AVIK BAH- he is attached to it (the idol)

2)[line 3]בישראל מומרB'YISRAEL MUMAR- (a) a Jewish apostate, a person who does not keep the laws of the Torah; (b) a Jewish infidel or idolater

3)[line 5]לירידL'YARID- to an idolatrous fair

4)[line 14]בזה שאין קשורים זהSHE'EIN KESHURIN ZEH BA'ZEH- [the case is] that the ones going to the idolatrous fair are not connected one to another (they go alone, and not in groups) and therefore it would be permissible to trade with them

5)[line 18]גרודים חדשיםGERUDIM CHADASHIM- new flasks, without pitch

6)[line 18]ישנים ומזופפיםYESHANIM U'MEZUFAFIN- old flasks, lined with pitch

7)[line 19]ריבבן ועיבדןRIBEVAN V'IBDAN- if he poured pitch into them and tanned them

8)[line 22]אגב טירדיה מנסך ולאו אדעתיהAGAV TIRDEI MENASECH V'LAV ADATEI- because the Yisrael putting in the wine is busy, perhaps he will not notice if the Nochri pours the wine as a libation to his idol

9)[line 24]בעידנאB'IDNA- at the time

10)[line 25]לטיטL'TIT- [it is like throwing water) into clay

11)[line 26]שדאSHADA- throws

12)[line 27]לבי מילחיL'VEI MILCHEI- to a storage room of salt

13)[line 30]זיקיZIKEI- leather flasks

14)[line 33]ממלאןMEMAL'AN- fill them

15)[line 33]ומערןU'ME'ARAN- and empties them out

16)[line 34]מעת לעתME'ES L'ES- for a 24-hour period

17)[line 45]צירTZIR- fish brine

18)[line 45]ומורייסU'MURYIS- fish oil mixed with bits of fatty fish innards and sometimes wine


19)[line 5]לכבשן האשL'KIVSHAN HA'ESH- into a furnace

20)[line 9]שנשרה זיפתןSHE'NASHRAH ZIFTAN- that their pitch-lining fell off (because of the heat)

21)[line 11]רפאי מירפאREFAI MIRPA- even if it becomes loosened

22)[line 11]קינסאKINSA- a thin stick or splinter of wood

23)[line 17]אקראי בעלמא הואAKRAI B'ALMA HU- it is only a chance occurrence

24)[line 19]מאני דפקוסנאMANEI D'PEKUSNA- dung vessels

25)[line 19]אנחינהו בשימשאANCHINHU B'SHIMSHA- and he placed them in the sun

26)[line 20]כלי נתרKELI NESER- (a) utensils made from the crystals of alum (RASHI to Shabbos 16a); (b) utensils stuck together with alum (ARUCH). Neser is a kind of soil or stone that resembles chalk (O.F. nitre) (from natron, native carbonate of soda)

27)[line 21]כלי מחפורת של צריףKELI MACHPORES SHEL TZERIF- a vessel that has a deposit of alum (used as dye-fixer for wool) [whose contents do not regenerate]

28)[line 22]רופילאROFILA- (a) viceroy (RASHI); (b) a commander of troops (MUSAF HA'ARUCH)

29)[line 23]כוביKUBEI- jugs

30)[line 26]משכשכןMESHACH'SHECHAN- he rinsed them with water

31)[line 27]חצבי שחימיCHATZBEI SHECHIMEI- red pitchers

32)[line 28]פתוותאPASVASA- earthenware

33)[line 29]כסיKASEI- cups

34)[line 33]מאני דקוניאMANEI D'KUNYA- earthenware vessels glazed with lead

35)[line 33]חיורא ואוכמאCHIVARA V'UCHMA- white ones and black ones

36)[line 33]ירוקאYERUKA- green ones

37)[line 33]דמיצריףD'MITZRIF- aluminous earth

38)[line 34]קרטופניKARTUFNEI- cracks

39)[line 40]דשיעיD'SHI'EI- that is smoothed