[21a - 41 lines; 21b - 55 lines]

1)[line 14]"[ויקח מזרע המלוכה ויכרת אתו ברית ויבא אתו באלה] ואת אילי הארץ לקח""[VA'YIKACH MI'ZERA HA'MELUCHAH VA'YICHROS ITO BRIS, VA'YAVEI OSO B'ALAH,] V'ES EILEI HA'ARETZ LAKACH" - "[And he (Nevuchadnetzar) took from the seed of the royal family (i.e. Tzidkiyahu) and he entered into a covenant with him; and he made him swear,] and he took the strong men of the land (as guarantees)." (Yechezkel 17:13) (TZIDKIYAHU PAYS DEARLY FOR VIOLATING HIS OATH)

(a)As an act of subjugation, Nevuchadnetzar made Tzidkiyahu swear that he would not rebel against him. However, immediately after Nevuchadnetzar left, Tzidkiyahu sent messengers to Egypt to obtain horses and mercenary troops to defend him against Nevuchadnetzar's troops.

(b)HaSh-m informed Tzidkiyahu that a man who abrogates a covenant and violates an oath cannot hope to succeed. Pharaoh would not come to his aid when Nevuchadnetzar would attack, and, as a result of his faithlessness, Tzidkiyahu would fall into the hands of the king of Bavel and be exiled to Bavel, where he would suffer and eventually die, and all his strong men would be killed.

2)[line 19]"ויתר שהיה קהלת חכם עוד למד דעת את העם] ואזן וחקר תקן משלים הרבה""[V'YOSER SHE'HAYAH KOHELES CHACHAM; OD LIMAD DA'AS ES HA'AM,] V'IZEN V'CHIKER, TIKEN MESHALIM HARBEH."- "[And besides Koheles being wise, he also taught the people knowledge,] for he weighed, and sought out, and set in order many proverbs." (Koheles 12:9)

3)[line 20]לכפיפהL'KEFIFAH- for a basket

4)[line 21]אזניםOZNAYIM- handles

5)[line 21]"[בארח רשעים אל תבא ואל תאשר בדרך רעים.] פרעהו אל תעבר בו שטה מעליו ועבד""[B'ORACH RESHA'IM AL TAVO; V'AL TE'ASHER B'DERECH RA'IM.] PERA'EHU, AL TA'AVOR BO, SETEH ME'ALAV VA'AVOR."- "[Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.] Avoid it, do not pass by it, turn from it, and pass away." (Mishlei 4:14-15)

6)[line 24]בדותא היאBEDUSA HI- it is fiction, i.e. a mistake

7)[line 26]"ושמרתם את משמרת...""U'SHMARTEM ES MISHMARTI..."- "Therefore shall you keep My ordinance... that you not defile yourselves; I am HaSh-m your G-d." (Vayikra 18:30)

8)[line 26]עשו משמרת למשמרתיASU MISHMERES L'MISHMARTI- (lit. make a guard for My guard) enact Rabbinical measures to prevent a transgression of the Torah laws

9)[line 31]חורגוCHORGO- his step-son

10)[line 37]ארבע נשים יש להן הפסקARBA NASHIM YESH LAHEM HEFSEK- there are four women who they themselves are forbidden and not the corresponding women of the previous or subsequent generations

11)[line 40]וסימניך דעילאי דרבV'SIMANICH D'ILA'EI D'RAV- and a memory device with which to remember the woman whom Ze'iri added is that she belongs to the generation "that is above (i.e. precedes) the generation of Rav"

12)[last line]להתם שכיח ואזילL'HASAM SHECHI'ACH V'AZIL- a person regularly goes to his father's household (and realizes the relationships involved there, more than the relationships of his mother's household)


13)[line 8]כלדאיKALDA'EI- stargazers; astrologers

14)[line 8]מלפנא הויתMELAFNA HAVEIS- you shall be a teacher

15)[line 9]אסברא מדעתיASBERA MI'DA'ATI- I will explain it ("Lo Asru Kalah Ela Mipnei Kalah") through my own reasoning

16)[line 9]מקרי דרדקיMAKREI DARDEKEI- a teacher of young boys (who teaches them to read verses)

17)[line 10]אשיילה מרבנן דאתו לבי כנישתאASHAILAH ME'RABANAN D'ASU L'VEI CHENISHTA- I will ask its meaning from the scholars who come to the synagogue (where the young boys learn their lessons)

18)[line 12]אסברה לךASBERAH LACH- I will explain it to you; I will give you an example

19)[line 13]כלתה דבי בר ציתאיKALASAH D'VEI BAR TZISA'I- the daughters-in-law of the household of bar Tzisa'i (whose son and daughter each had a daughter-in-law). (It seems that these were the only great-daughters-in-law in bar Tzisa'i's household and therefore served as a vivid example.)

20)[line 24]דבי אימא רבתי קרו ליהD'VEI IMA RABASI KARU LEI- they are both called grandmother

21)[line 31]דבי דודי קרי להוD'VEI DODEI KARI LEHU- they are both called uncle's wives

22)[line 48]הא איתפליג דרתאHA ISPALIG DARTA- it is one generation removed [and does not warrant a prohibition]