TA'ANIS 9 (27 Teves) - dedicated in honor of the memory of Hagaon ha'Gadol Rav Pinchas Hirschprung, well-known and much loved Rav of Montreal, Talmid of Hagaon Rav Meir Shapiro (founder of the Dafyomi cycle), on the day of his Yahrzeit. Dedicated by his son, Rav Yitzchak Hirschprung, may he be blessed with long years and all that he needs.

[9a - 51 lines; 9b - 44 lines]

1)[line 1]"עשר תעשר...""ASER TE'ASER..."- "You shall surely tithe [all of the grain that you grow....]" (Devarim 14:22) - This verse instructs one to separate Ma'aser Rishon (see Background to Ta'anis 7:56).

2)[line 1]עשר בשביל שתתעשרASER BISHVIL SHE'TIS'ASHER- separate Ma'aser in order that you will become wealthy

3)[line 2]לינוקאYENUKA- the young son

4)[line 3]אימא לי פסוקיךEIMA LI PESUKAYICH- tell me the verse that you [are currently learning]

5)[line 3]אמר ליה ומאי עשר תעשר?AMAR LEI, U'MAI ASER TE'ASER?- [the young son of Reish Lakish] asked [Rebbi Yochanan], and what is [meant by the double wording of] "Aser Te'aser"?

6)[line 5]זיל נסיZIL NASI!- go and test [if HaSh-m does not enrich you when you are exacting in this Mitzvah]!

7)[line 8]"הביאו את כל המעשר אל בית האוצר ויהי טרף בביתי ובחנוני נא בזאת אמר ה' צבקות אם לא אפתח לכם את ארבות השמים והריקתי לכם ברכה עד בלי די""HAVI'U ES KOL HA'MA'ASER EL BEIS HA'OTZAR VI'HI TEREF B'VEISI UV'CHANUNI NA B'ZOS AMAR HASH-M TZEVAKOS IM LO EFTACH LACHEM ES ARUBOS HA'SHAMAYIM V'HARIKOSI LACHEM BERACHAH AD BLI DAI" - "Bring all of the Ma'aser to the storehouse so that there will be food in My house; and please test Me with this, said HaSh-m, Host of Legions - [see] if I do not open the windows of heaven for you and pour blessings for you until there is no longer enough [room in the granary]!" (Mal'achi 3:10) (TERUMOS AND MA'ASROS IN THE BEIS HA'MIKDASH)

(a)Klal Yisrael had committed many sins at the beginning of the period of the second Beis ha'Mikdash. They now wished to return to HaSh-m and pleaded with Him that He return to them when they returned to Him. Through the Navi, HaSh-m responded that their most grievous offense was that they were depriving the Kohanim and the poor of their dues.

(b)From then on, instead of each individual parceling out his Terumos and Ma'asros, all were to bring their tithes to the Beis ha'Mikdash, where they would be distributed properly.

8)[line 13]שיבלו שפתותיכם מלומר דיYIVLU SIFSOSEICHEM MI'LOMAR "DAI!"- your lips will become weary (O.F. dolorent - tired or achy) from saying "enough!"

9)[line 14](מטי) [מטינא](MATI) [MATINA]- arrived [in my learning]

10)[line 17]"אולת אדם...""IVELES ADAM..."- "The foolishness of a man perverts his way, and his heart rages against HaSh-m." (Mishlei 19:3)

11)[line 18]מתמהMETAMEH- wondering

12)[line 21]"ויצא לבם ויחרדו איש אל אחיו לאמר מה זאת עשה אלהים לנו?""VA'YEITZEI LIBAM; VA'YECHERDU ISH EL ACHIV LEIMOR, MAH ZOS ASAH ELOKIM LANU?"- "... and their hearts fell; and they tremblingly turned to each other, saying, 'What is this that HaSh-m has done to us?'" (Bereishis 42:28) - This verse describes the reaction of the sons of Yakov when they realized that Yosef - whose true identity had not yet been revealed to them - had replaced Levi's money into his bag. The difficulties that they were experiencing were due to their sin in selling Yosef twenty-two years earlier.

13a)[line 22]דל עיניהDAL EINEI- [Rebbi Yochanan] lifted his eye[lid]s [which drooped, preventing him from seeing easily]

b)[line 22]וחזא ביהV'CHAZA BEI- and gazed at him [to see the face of he who was so sharp]

14)[line 23]אתיא אימיה אפיקתיהASYA IMEI APIKTEI- his mother (who was Rebbi Yochanan's sister) came and removed him

15a)[line 24]תא מקמיהTA MI'KAMEI- come from before him

b)[line 24]דלא ליעבד לך כדעבד לאבוךD'LO LEI'AVAD LACH KID'AVAD L'AVUCH- that he not do to you what he did to your father. The Gemara (Bava Metzia 84a) describes how Rebbi Yochanan, perceiving the tremendous potential of Reish Lakish, lured him from a life of crime and taught him Torah. In order to accomplish this, Rebbi Yochanan promised Reish Lakish his sister as a wife. Eventually, the two became study partners. Once, Reish Lakish and Rebbi Yochanan caused distress to each other, and Reish Lakish died as a result. It was this that prompted the concern of Rebbi Yochanan's sister.

16a)[line 25]מטר בשביל יחידMATAR BI'SHVIL YACHID- [enough] rain [that there is no drought arrives even] in the merit of an individual

b)[line 25]פרנסה בשביל רביםPARNASAH BI'SHVIL RABIM- prosperity [above and beyond the norm arrives only] in the merit of many

17)[line 26]"יפתח ה' לך את אוצרו הטוב""YIFTACH HASH-M LECHA ES OTZARO HA'TOV"- "HaSh-m will open His storehouse of good things [in heaven] for you, to give the rain needed by the earth [in its proper time...]" (Devarim 28:12) - The word "Lecha" ("for you") is written in the singular form.

18)[line 28]"... הנני ממטיר לכם לחם [מן השמים...]""... HINENI MAMTIR LA'CHEM LECHEM [MIN HA'SHAMAYIM...]"- "... behold, I shall cause bread to rain down for you [from the heaven...]" (Shemos 16:4) - This verse, which writes "Lachem" ("for you") in the plural form, describes the Man.

19)[line 30]פרנסיםPARNASIM- leaders

20a)[line 32]בארBE'ER- the stone which rolled along with Bnei Yisrael in the desert, providing enough water for the entire nation and their animals

b)[line 32]וענןANAN- the Clouds of Glory that surrounded and protected Klal Yisrael from six directions in the desert

21)[line 34]נסתלקNISTALEK- was removed

22)[line 40]"ויראו כל העדה כי גוע אהרן""VA'YIR'U KOL HA'EDAH KI GAVA AHARON"- "And the entire congregation saw that Aharon had died...." (Bamidbar 20:29)

23)[line 41]אל תקרי ויראו אלא וייראוAL TIKRI VA'YIR'U ELA VA'YERA'U- do not read "and they saw" but rather "and they were seen"

24a)[line 43]כי משמש בארבע לשונותKI MESHAMESH B'ARBA LESHONOS- the word "Ki" has four distinct meanings (see next entry)

25a)[line 43]איIY- if, when (Ka'asher), or that (Asher)

b)[line 43]דלמאDILMA- perhaps

c)[line 43]אלאELA- rather

d)[line 44]דהאD'HA- because. This is the meaning of "Ki" in our verse: "And the congregation was seen because Aharon had died..."

26)[line 45]"ואכחיד את שלשת הרועים""VA'ACH'CHID ES SHELOSHES HA'RO'IM"- "And I will cut off the three shepherds in one month; [and My soul became impatient with them, and their soul detested Me as well.]" (Zecharyah 11:8) - This verse refers to the death of the three Persian kings who acted favorably toward Bnei Yisrael: Koresh, Artachshast, and Daryavesh.

27)[line 48]דלרבים הוא בעיLA'RABIM HU BA'I- he was needed by many

28)[line 50]הוו שכיחי קמיה דרבאHAVU SHECHICHI KAMEI D'RAVA- were often found [learning Torah from] before Rava

29)[last line]הוו מרמזי אהדדיHAVU MERAMZEI AHADADI- they would signal to each other [that the conclusions of Rav Papa were not as sound as those of Rava]

30)[last line]חלש דעתיהCHALASH DA'ATEI- he felt badly


31)[line 1]אקרויה בחלמיהAKRUYEI B'CHELMEI- they [in heaven] read to him in a dream

32)[line 2]כי הוו מיפטרי מיניהKI HAVU MIFTEREI MINEI- when they were leaving him

33)[line 2]ליזלו רבנן בשלמאLEIZLU RABANAN BI'SHLAMA- the Rabanan should go in peace. There are various explanations for this: (a) He sent them away so that they should not be punished on his account (BA'AL HA'TZEROROS (a Talmid of the Rashba)). (b) He wished to fulfill the heavenly decree by sending them away, so that they should not die (one way of understanding the MAHARSHA). According to this explanation, the Girsa of our Gemara is li'Shlama, which the Gemara in Berachos explains is a blessing. (c) He was cursing them, wishing upon them the fulfillment of the heavenly message (another way of understanding the MAHARSHA, according to those who maintain that the Maharsha is Gores bi'Shlama).

34)[line 4]מקשי ליה טובאMAKSHI LEI TUVA- asking him many questions

35)[line 5]חזייה דנפל על אפיהCHAZYEI D'NAFAL AL APEI- [Rav Shimi] saw that [Rav Papa] fell on his face

36)[line 6]רחמנא ליצלן מכיסופא דשימי!RACHMANA LITZLAN MI'KISUFA D'SHIMI!- May HaSh-m save me from the embarrassment of Shimi!

37)[line 9]"שאלו מה'""SHA'ALU ME'HASH-M..."- "Request rain from HaSh-m at the time of the late rains; HaSh-m makes clouds, and gives them showers of rain, for each man's grass in the field." (Zecharyah 10:1)

38)[line 11]יכול לכלYACHOL LA'KOL- I might have thought [that the rains come only if one needs them] for all [of his fields]

39)[line 15]גינתאGINESA- garden

40)[line 15]וסיירSAYAR- inspect

41)[line 15]מישראMEISHRA- patch

42)[line 16]וקמשקיKA'MASHKEI- would water

43)[line 20]עיבא קלישא תותי עיבא סמיכתאEIVA KELISHA TUSEI EIVA SEMICHTA- a thin cloud underneath a thick cloud

44)[line 20]נהילא מקמי מיטראNEHILA MEKAMEI MITRA, ASI MITRA- drizzle prior to rain [signifies that a lot of] rain will fall

45)[line 22]מהולתאMEHULTA- a sieve [through which (a) first thin flour falls and only afterward thicker flour (RASHI); (b) first the undesirable bran falls and only afterward the desirable flour (TOSFOS DH Talmud)]

46)[line 22]חריא דעיזיCHARAYA D'IZEI- goats' excrement [which is first heavy and then becomes thin as it peters out]

47)[line 22]איקלעIKLA- went

48)[line 23]פנו מאניPANU MANEI!- remove the utensils [and bring them into the house]

49)[line 25]מלא צנא דתמרי בזוזאMELO TZANA D'TAMREI B'ZUZA- a basketful of dates [available for sale] for one Zuz (a small denomination)

50)[line 25]דדובשאDUVSHA- [date] honey

51)[line 26]ובבלאי לא עסקי באורייתא?!U'BAVLA'EI LO ASKEI B'ORAISA?!- and those in Bavel do not occupy themselves learning Torah?!

52)[line 26]צערוהוTZI'ARUHU- they pained him [with diarrhea]

53)[line 26]דסכינאSAKINA- knives (i.e., dates that feel as if they cut up one's innards)

54)[line 28]אוקיינוסOKIYANUS- the ocean

55)[line 28]"ואד יעלה מן הארץ והשקה את כל פני האדמה""V'ED YA'ALEH MIN HA'ARETZ, V'HISHKAH ES KOL PNEI HA'ADAMAH."- "And a mist arose from the earth, and watered the entire surface of the land." (Bereishis 2:6)

56)[line 29]מלוחיןMELUCHIN- salty

57)[line 30]ממתקין בעביםMEMASKIN B'AVIM- [the water] is sweetened in the clouds

58)[line 32]כנודNOD- a leather skin

59)[line 33]"יזקו מטר לאדו""YAZOKU MATAR L'EIDO"- "[For He multiplies drops of water,] and pours water into His cloud." (Iyov 36:27)

60)[line 33]ומנוקבות הן ככברהMENUKAVOS HEN K'KEVARAH- they are perforated like a sieve

61)[line 34]ומחשרותMECHASHROS- drop

62)[line 34]"חשרת מים עבי שחקים""CHASHRAS MAYIM AVEI SHECHAKIM"- "... dark waters massed in the clouds of the skies." (Shmuel II 22:12)

63)[line 35]כמלא נימאMELO NIMA- a hairsbreadth

64)[line 36]"עשה גדלות ואין חקר [נפלאות עד אין מספר]. הנתן מטר על פני ארץ [ושלח מים על פני חוצות]""OSEH GEDOLOS AD EIN CHEKER [NIFLAOS AD EIN MISPAR]. HA'NOSEN MATAR AL PNEI ARETZ, [V'SHOLE'ACH MAYIM AL PNEI CHUTZOS.]"- "He performs incomprehensibly great actions [and innumerable wonders]. He places rain upon Eretz Yisrael, [and delivers water to lands outside of Eretz Yisrael.]" (Iyov 5:9-10)

65)[line 37]"הלא ידעת אם לא שמעת...""HA'LO YADATA IM LO SHAMATA..."- "For you know [intuitively] - if you have not already heard - that the G-d of the world; [HaSh-m, Creator of the ends of the earth, does not tire nor become weary;] His understanding is incomprehensible." (Yeshayah 40:28) - This verse utilizes a similar wording to the previously quoted verse, thereby connecting the two. The first verse speaks of rain, and this speaks of the creation.

66)[line 39]"משקה הרים מעליותיו [מפרי מעשיך תשבע הארץ]""MASHKEH MAYIM ME'ALIYOSAV; [MI'PRI MA'ASECHA TISBA HA'ARETZ.]"- "He pours water from His upper chambers; [from the fruit of His creations he satisfies the earth.]" (Tehilim 104:13)

67)[line 40]דסלקי להתםSALKEI L'HASAM- [the clouds] rise to there [in the sky]

68)[line 41]"[יתן ה' את מטר ארצך] אבק ועפר מן השמים [ירד עליך...]""[YITEN HASH-M ES METAR ARTZECHA] AVAK V'AFAR; MIN HA'SHAMAYIM [YERED ALECHA...]"- "[HaSh-m shall make the rain of your land into] dust and dirt; from the heavens [it shall descend upon you....]" (Devarim 28:24) - This verse is part of the Tochachah (Rebuke) in Parshas Ki Savo.

69)[line 41]דמדליMIDLEI- they are raised

70)[line 43]"כונס כנד מי הים נותן באוצרות תהומות""KONES KA'NED MEI HA'YAM; NOSEN B'OTZAROS TEHOMOS."- "He gathers the waters of the sea like a pillar; He places the waters of the deep in storehouses." (Tehilim 33:7)

71)[last line]ברBAR- grain