[146a - 57 lines; 146b - 58 lines]

1)[line 5]מזלייהוMAZALAIHU- their spiritual components

2)[line 12]דופיDOFI- taint

3)[line 13]גרוגרותGROGEROS- dried figs

4a)[line 17]שעוהSHA'AVAH- wax

b)[line 17]ממרחMEMARE'ACH- smoothes

5)[line 19]בערבARAV- a town near Tzipori in the lower Galilee

6)[line 22]מתיזMETIZ- he hacks off

7)[line 27]קשיתיהKESHISEI- he found [the wording of the Mishnah] difficult

8)[line 29]חותלותCHOSALOS- small baskets made of palm leaves

9)[line 30]מתירMATIR- he may untie the string that holds the lid of the basket

10)[line 30]מפקיעMAFKI'A- to use a tool to unravel the strings

11)[line 30]חותךCHOTECH- to cut

12)[line 33]תרוודTARVAD- a spoon

13)[line 36]למיברז חביתאL'MIVRAZ CHAVITA- to pierce a barrel (O.F. poindre)

14)[line 36]בורטיאBURTIYA- (a) a spear (RASHI); (b) a drill (RABEINU CHANANEL, ARUCH)

15)[line 55]לול של תרנגוליםLUL SHEL TARNEGOLIN- a chicken coop

16)[line 56]ולאפוקי הבלאLA'AFUKEI HEVLA- to let out the foul-smelling air


17)[line 1]ריחשאRICHASHA- crawling creatures, e.g. a rat, marten (RASHI) or snake (RABEINU CHANANEL)

18)[line 2]לארוחי ביהL'ARVUCHEI BEI- to widen it

19a)[line 6]לשמרL'SHAMER- (a) [the seal was made] to preserve the wine's bouquet (RASHI); (b) [the seal was made in a place where it is possible] to pour off the wine from the dregs (RABEINU CHANANEL)

b)[line 6]לחזקL'CHAZEK- [the seal was made] to strengthen the utensil, so that the wine does not flow out

20)[line 12]בית סתוםBAYIS SASUM- a house which is entirely sealed on all four sides

21)[line 12]פרץ את פצימיוPARATZ ES PETZIMAV- if he broke apart its door frame

22)[line 13]אינו מטמא כל סביביוEINO METAMEI KOL SEVIVAV- (a) it does not acquire the status of a grave and is not Metamei the four Amos that surround it in all directions (RASHI); (b) Alternatively, if there are Tefach-wide shelves protruding from the outside of the house, one who walks under them does not become Tamei (RABEINU SHIMSHON cited in TOSFOS DH Paratz)

23)[line 15]גובתאGUVSA- a hollow reed or tube

24a)[line 15]מחתךMECHATECH- (O.F. redognier) to cut and shape [the reed such that it fits exactly into the hole in the barrel]

b)[line 16]אהדוריAHADUREI- to put it back in place

c)[line 17]חתיכה ולא מתקנאCHATICHAH V'LO METAKNA- it is cut but has not to a specific size such that it fits the hole

25)[line 20]שפופרתSHEFOFERES- a tube made from a reed

26)[line 23]קמתקן מנאKA'MESAKEN MANA- he is fixing a vessel

27)[line 28]מישחאMISHCHA- [congealed] oil

28)[line 32]טבות רישבאTAVOS RISHBA- Tavos the trapper (RASHI); alternatively, Tavos the head of the family (R'oSH' B'eis A'v) (ARUCH)

29)[line 33]טרפא דאסאTARPA D'ASA- a myrtle leaf [which is then folded an inserted to serve as a spout)

30)[line 34]מרזבMARZEV- a spout

31)[line 35]יקטוםYIKTOM- he break [a myrtle leaf] off of a branch

32)[line 36]קטים ומנחיKATIM U'MANCHEI- myrtle leaves are severed and available

33)[line 36]בי סדיאBEI SADYA- felt used as a pillow or mattress

34)[line 39]מיצעיMITZ'EI- in between (i.e., neither hard or soft)

35)[line 40]לאו בפירוש איתמר, אלא מכללא איתמרLAV B'FEIRUSH ITMAR, ELA MI'KELALA ITMAR- it was not said explicitly by Rav; rather it was derived (incorrectly) through his actions

36)[line 42]רווחאRAVCHA- space (for his students to sit)

37)[line 51]נשרו כליוNASHRU KEILAV- whose clothes fell [into water on Shabbos]

38)[line 52]שוטחן בחמהSHOTCHAN BA'CHAMAH- he may spread them out in the sun

39)[line 53]אשוויי גומותASHVUYEI GUMOS- [lest he] level the bottom of the pit by filling up its holes, thus violating the prohibition of building (Boneh) on Shabbos (see Daf 73b)

40)[line 55]אתי לאטמוני ברמץASI L'ATMUNEI B'REMETZ- he come to keep food warm by placing it in hot ashes mixed with coals

41)[line 56]מראית העיןMAR'IS HA'AYIN- that which his actions appears as a sin (e.g., if a person hangs out his wet clothes to dry, people will think that he washed them on Shabbos)