[115a - 45 lines; 115b - 49 lines]

1)[line 3]מפצעיןMEFATZ'IN- it is permissible to crack

2)[line 3](ומפרכסין) ומפרכין(U'MEFARKESIN) MEFARCHIN- to break into individual seeds

3)[line 4]מפני עגמת נפשMIPNEI OGMAS NEFESH- (a) because of the grief it causes since he cannot eat it (RASHI); (b) in order that he should have less grief after Yom ha'Kipurim when he prepares his food while he is hungry (BA'AL HA'MA'OR)

4)[line 5]כרבאKERAVA- cabbage

5)[line 5]גרדי קאריGARDEI KAREI- would peel pumpkins

6)[line 6]דהוו קא מחרפיD'HAVU KA MECHARFEI- they would do it early (before the time of Minchah)


7)[line 23]שקורין בהן נביאיםSHE'KORIN BAHEN, NEVI'IM- (this part of the Mishnah actually has nothing to do with the Gemara's proof, according to Rashi)

8)[line 33]מקקMEKAK- the parts of scrolls chewed by worms

9a)[line 35]גיפטיתGIFTIS- Egyptian, Coptic

b)[line 37]עילמיתEILAMIS- the language of Elam (Media)

10)[line 40]בריביBERIBI- a great Talmid Chacham

11)[line 43]בנאיBANA'I- builder

12)[line 43]שקעהו תחת הנדבךSHAK'EIHU TACHAS HA'NIDVACH- bury it under the row of stones (used in the construction of a building)

13)[line 44]עריבהAREIVAH- a basin

14)[line 44]מקום התורפהMEKOM HA'TURFAH- an exposed place

15)[line 44]מרקיביןMARKIVIN- decay


16)[line 4]הקמיעיןHA'KEMEI'IN- amulets or charms

17)[line 5]ומעניינות הרבהUME'INYANOS HARBEH- and [verses] from many [Biblical] portions

18)[line 7]אזכרותיהןAZKAROSEIHEN- the names of HaSh-m that they contain

19)[line 12]טומוסTOMOS- a collection of manuscripts

20)[line 16]סםSAM- orpiment, a mineral that is used as a yellow dye

21)[line 16]סיקראSIKRA- (O.F. minie) minium, red lead used as a dye

22)[line 16]קומוסKUMOS- an ink prepared with the sap/gum of the Acacia tree

23)[line 17]בקנקנתוםKANKANTUM- (O.F. adrement) vitriol, black ink used by shoemakers

24)[line 29]אשוריתASHURIS- in Assyrian script (the script of our Sifrei Torah)

25)[line 30]שאין בו ללקט שמונים וחמש אותיותSHE'EIN BO L'LAKET SHEMONIM V'CHAMESH OSIYOS- That is, it is clear that such a Sefer does not have the Kedushah of a Torah and is not Metamei the hands, since it does not have 85 letters. However, it is still possible that such a Sefer may be saved from fire, just like Sefarim that are written in other languages (which were mentioned in the Gemara above).

26)[line 40]כתב עבריתKESAV IVRIS- the ancient Hebrew script which is not in use today

27)[line 45]מכונסותMECHUNASOS- in one place in the Sefer Torah (lit. gathered together)

28)[line 46]בלהBALAH- they wore out

29)[last line]סימניותSIMANIYOS- marks in the shape of an inverted letter "Nun"