[104a - 46 lines; 104b - 49 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any other important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Gemara 104a [line 42]:

The words "she'Ba'atu b'GI"F" שבעטו בגי''ף

should be "she'Ba'atu b'Gif" שבעטו בגיף

(The word "Gif" is not an acronym, as is clear from Rashi. This is also the Girsa in the Warsaw edition and other printings.)

[2] Gemara 104b [line 26]:

"v'Ein Mevi'in Re'ayah Min ha'Shotim" ואין מביאין ראיה מן השוטים

At this point there is a section of the Gemara that was deleted by the censors. Parts of Rashi and a noticeable part of Tosfos DH Ben Setada were also deleted. In various new editions the missing sections have been added based upon manuscripts and early printings.

[3] Rashi 104b DH ha'Mesaret ד"ה המסרט:

The words "O b'Sid" או בסיד

should be "O b'Sira" או בסירא


1)[line 1]עלויי קא מעלי ליהILUYEI KA MA'ALI LEI- he granted it a more elevated status

2)[line 4]מנצפך צופים אמרוםMANTZEPACH TZOFIN AMARUM- the prophets designated the letters Mem, Nun, Tzadi, Peh, and Kaf (the letters which have a different shape if they are the last letter of a word)

3)[line 15]דרדקיDARDEKEI- students who have not reached a level where they can make logical deductions (RASHI Daf 145b)

4)[line 17]אלף בינהALEIF BINAH- learn Understanding (Torah)

5)[line 18]גמול דליםGEMOL DALIM- act kindly with the poor

6)[line 21]לימציה ליה נפשיהLIMTZEI LEI NAFSHEI- he should make himself available to the giver (to make it easier for the giver)

7)[line 23]ליכסיףLICHSIF- to be embarrassed

8)[line 25]מאמר פתוחMA'AMAR PASU'ACH- there are teachings that are open and exposed for everyone to learn from

9)[line 25]מאמר סתוםMA'AMAR SASUM- there are teachings that must be concealed and kept secret

10)[line 26]נאמן כפוףNE'EMAN KAFUF- a faithful (righteous) person must be bowed and humbled in this world

11)[line 26]נאמן פשוטNE'EMAN PASHUT- a faithful (righteous) person will be erect in the world to come

12)[line 26]סימנין עשה בתורהSIMANIN ASEI BA'TORAH- make mnemonic devices in order to remember the Torah

13)[line 29]מנוד ראשMANOD ROSH- quaking and extreme humbleness

14)[line 30]מהדר אפיה דקו''ף מרי''שMEHADER APEI D'KUF ME'REISH- (a) (lit. the face of the Kuf is turned away from the Reish) this is actually a euphemism, since the face of the Reish is turned away from the Kuf. HaSh-m turned the Rasha away from Him, not wanting to look at his face (RASHI); (b) the leg of the Kuf closes off and hides most of its letter from the Reish (RITVA)

15)[line 33]"אם ללצים... ""IM LA'LEITZIM..."- "[HaSh-m] scoffs at the scoffers and gives grace to the humble" (Mishlei 3:34) - Since HaSh-m scoffs at the Leitzim, He holds back Divine assistance and does not prevent their spiritual downfall.

16)[line 35]מקרבן מיליהMEKARVAN MILEI- its letters are next to each other

17)[line 36]אחדא כרעיה קאיA'CHADA KAR'A KAI- [each one of its letters] stand on one pointed foot

18)[line 36]מלבן לבוניהMELABEN LEVUNEI- its letters have a broad or firm base

19)[line 37]אותי תעב; אתאוה לו?OSI TA'AV; ES'AVEH LO?- he (the wicked person) has loathed Me; will I desire him?!

20)[line 40]גור בדוקGUR B'DOK- dwell in the Heavens (which are spread out like a curtain, as in Yeshayah 40:22)

21)[line 41]ח''ס ט''ןHA'SATAN- the Gemara interchanges the Ches with a Hei for this Derashah, and "ChaS TaN" becomes "ha'Satan"

22)[line 42](בגי''ף) [בגיף](B'GI"F) [B'GIF]- in adultery (as found in Targum Onkelus on Vayikra 20:10)

23)[line 44]מרי, זניני!MARI, ZANEINI!- my Master, feed me!

24)[last line]ט''רTAR- wait


25)[line 2]סםSAM- orpiment, a mineral that is used as a yellow dye

26)[line 2]סיקראSIKRA- (O.F. minie) minium, red lead used to make red paint

27)[line 2]קומוסKUMOS- an ink prepared with the sap/gum of the Acacia tree

28)[line 3]קנקנתוםKANKANTUM- (O.F. adrement) vitriol, black ink used by shoemakers

29)[line 4]כותלי זויותKOSLEI ZAVIYOS- walls that form a corner with each other

30)[line 4]לווחי פינקסLEVACHEI PINKAS- on [the adjacent edges] of two boards that are coated with wax (that served as writing tablets)

31)[line 4]נהגיןNEHEGIN- read

32)[line 6]המסרטHA'MESARET- one who scratches

33)[line 8]אבק הסופריםAVAK HA'SOFRIM- scribe's powder, the refuse of writing material found in the scribe's ink container

34)[line 10]מרפיקוMARPEIKO- his elbow

35)[line 14]אות אחת נוטריקוןOS ACHAS NOTARIKON- one letter as an abbreviation

36)[line 19]חרתא דאושכפיCHARTA D'USHKEFEI- (O.F. adrement), vitriol, black ink used by shoemakers

37)[line 21]מי טריאMEI TARYA- juice of a certain fruit; alt., rain water

38)[line 21]אפצאAFTZA- the juice of gall-nuts (large round abnormal growth on oak trees, caused by insects) (O.F. gales)

39)[line 22]אברAVAR- lead (solution)

40)[line 22]שחורSHACHOR- coal

41)[line 22]שיחורSHICHOR- (O.F. adrement) vitriol, black ink used by shoemakers

42)[line 29]אחת על האריגACHAS AL HA'ARIG- if a person adds one additional string to a weave

43)[line 35]אין השם מן המובחרEIN HA'SHEM MIN HA'MUVCHAR- the Holy Name written in this way is not the choicest and is therefore Pasul (SHACH Yoreh De'ah 276:2) — rather the mistake must be erased and the Holy Name must be written with sanctity (Maseches Sofrim 5:3)

44)[line 44]התם מחוסר מעשה דקריבהHASAM, MECHUSAR MA'ASEH D'KERIVAH- over there, where he is Patur, an action is still needed, such as breaking down the wall or breaking the writing tablet in order to bring the letters together

45)[last line]תגו של דל''תTAGO SHEL DALES- the part of the roof of the Dales that sticks out to the right