[102a - 56 lines; 102b - 54 lines]

1)[line 1]וחתםV'CHASAM- and signed. Achiyah was present and signed the document, thinking that Yerav'am was testing the loyalty of his counselors (RASHI). YAD RAMAH argues and says that such a prophet would not have lent his signature to a decree legalizing paganism. Rather, he signed a statement saying that he would obey Yerav'am's commands as king. He should have put in the document a statement that his endorsement did not include commands contrary to the Torah.

2)[line 9]ברית כרותה לשפתיםBRIS KERUSAH LA'SEFASAYIM- a covenant has been made with the lips that the words that they utter come true

3)[line 13]הם העמיקו משליHEM HE'EMIKU MI'SHELI- they were more stringent than me

4)[line 15]ידקר בחרבYIDAKER BA'CHEREV- will be pierced by the sword

5)[line 28]בשכם עינו את דינהBI'SHECHEM INU ES DINAH- in Shechem, Dinah was violated

6)[line 31]שיצא מפיתקא של ירושליםSHE'YATZA MI'PISKAH SHEL YERUSHALAYIM- he left from the city of Yerushalayim, i.e. Yerav'am left Yerushalayim for good. He did not want to return so he could disassociate himself from the Temple service (RASHI).

7)[line 35]כשלמה חדשהK'SALMAH CHADASHAH- like a new robe. This is a metaphor for Yerav'am's Torah knowledge.

8)[line 36]דופיDOFI- a blemish

9)[line 40]כעשבי השדהK'ISVEI HA'SADEH- like the grass in the field i.e. insignificant

10)[line 41]טעמי תורהTA'AMEI TORAH- the reasoning of the Torah (i.e., derivations of Halachos from the verses of the Torah)

11)[line 46]משחיתMASHCHIS- he corrupted

12)[line 46]כשתי מקלות המתיזות זו את זוKI'SHTEI MAKLOS HA'MATIZOS ZU ES ZU- like two sticks that hit each other, one sending the other flying. Yerav'am is compared to this stick since he pushed the Jews away from G-d against their will (RASHI).

13)[line 49]אין ארי דורס ונוהם מתוך קופה של תבןEIN ARI DORES V'NOHEM MI'TOCH KUPAH SHEL TEVEN- a lion does not claw and roar when it has a box of straw

14)[line 50]יונקיםYONKIM- they (the Jewish people) nursed, i.e. the Jewish people until that time were punished because of the sin of the Golden Calf. Yerav'am made two more golden calves and persuaded the Jews to worship them. The Jewish people have been subjected to punishment now for three golden calves (RASHI).

15)[line 53]נגבהNIGBAH- paid up

16)[line 55]שתפשוSHE'TAFASU- that He (G-d) grabbed him (Yerav'am)

17)[line 56]חלשCHALASH- he became sick


18)[line 1]דאיתפחD'ITPACH- that he recovered

19)[line 5]חברך וחבירי דאבוך קרית לןCHAVRACH V'CHAVEREI DA'AVUCH KARIS LAN- you consider us as 'your colleagues' and the colleagues of your father?

20)[line 7]מהיכא בעית למישרא המוציאME'HECHA BA'IS L'MISHRA HA'MOTZI- from where do you break the bread when you say the blessing, Ha'motzi?

21)[line 10]בפירקאB'PIRKA- in the lecture

22)[line 11]דקרים בישולאD'KARIM BISHULA- from the part that is baked into a crust, i.e. if one has before him a cut loaf rather than a whole one, one should recite the blessing and break off a piece from the crust rather than from the center. Alternatively, cut from where it is well baked, which is considered the tastiest part of the bread (RASHI; YAD RAMAH).

23)[line 12]פלחיתוPALCHISU- worshiped

24)[line 13]הוה נקיטנא בשיפולי גלימא ורהטת אבתראיHAVAH NAKITNA B'SHIPULEI GELIMA U'REHATAS A'BASRAI- you would have picked up the bottom of your garment and run after me

25)[line 19]קלותKALOS- light transgressions

26)[line 23]תלםTELEM- furrow

27)[line 37]סבי דבהתאSAVEI D'VAHASA- shameful elders

28)[line 43]וותרן בממונו היהVATRAN B'MAMONO HAYAH- he (Achav) was easy-going with his money

29)[line 46]דפרע קיניה מחריב ביתיהD'PARA KINEI MACHARIV BESEI- one who takes revenge destroys his own house, i.e. as a result of his determination to bring about Achav's death, the spirit of Navos was banished from G-d's Presence

30)[line 49]קודר אזכרותKODER AZKAROS- he would cut out G-d's name from Sifrei Torah

31)[line 50]שנשה יהSHE'NASHAH KAH- he forgot HaSh-m