[60a - 47 lines; 60b - 39 lines]

1)[line 4]אהייאA'HAI- regarding which case of the Mishnah is Rav Papa asking?

2)[line 24]דמחשבין מעבודה לעבודהMECHASHVIN ME'AVODAH L'AVODAH

A Korban is disqualified if, while performing one Avodah Lishmah, one intends to perform a future Avodah she'Lo Lishmah.

3)[line 25]והיינו בעיא דרב פפאV'HAINU BAIYA D'RAV PAPA- see TOSFOS DH v'Hainu

4)[line 33]לאוכליוOCHLAV- people who are capable of eating a k'Zayis of the Korban Pesach

5)[line 34]למנויוMENUYAV

A lamb or goat slaughtered as a Korban Pesach may be eaten only by individuals who are designated beforehand to eat from it. This is learned from the verse in Shemos 12:4, "v'Im Yim'at ha'Bayis mi'Heyos mi'Seh v'Lakach Hu u'Shecheno ha'Karov El Beiso b'Michsas Nefashos; Ish Lefi Ochlo Tachosu Al ha'Seh" - "If a household is too small for a lamb, then he and a close neighbor may obtain a lamb together, as long as it is for specifically designated individuals. Individuals shall be designated for a lamb according to how much each one will eat."

6)[line 34]לערליםARELIM- uncircumcised individuals


7)[line 10]ושלא לשמו מכשירו שלא בזמנוV'SHE'LO LISHMO MACHSHIRO SHE'LO BI'ZEMANO- slaughtering a Korban Pesach she'Lo Lishmah (as a Shelamim) when it is not the time to bring a Korban Pesach results in a Korban that is Kosher as a Shelamim

8)[line 24]היכא דאמרHEICHA D'AMAR- in a case in which one stated outright that he is slaughtering an animal as a Korban Pesach [when it is a time other than the proper one to bring a Korban Pesach]

9)[line 32]מימשכי הניMIMSHECHEI HANEI- these people will themselves from having a share in the Korban Pesach

10)[line 35]שינוי קודשSHINUY KODESH- slaughtering a Korban she'Lo Lishmah (see Background to Pesachim 59:17)