NEDARIM 21 - Dedicated In loving memory of Ralph Fram -- Reuven ben Gershom -- by his daughter and son-in-law, Lisa and Avi Scheiner

[21a - 17 lines; 21b - 29 lines]

1)[line 6]שלא ניתנה נזירות אלא להפלאהSHE'LO NITNAH NEZIRUS ELA L'HAFLA'AH- the laws of Nezirus apply only to a distinct utterance (where there is no question or doubt)

2)[line 13]טיפת צונןTIPAS TZONEN- a drop of cold water

3)[line 16]משתעי איניש הכיMISHTA'EI INISH HACHI- people speak like this


4)[line 12]אין פותחין בחרטהEIN POSCHIN B'CHARATAH (CHARATAH)

(a)When an adult makes a Neder (or designates Chalah, Terumah, or Kodshim) or Nezirus, and he regrets having made the Neder, he may have it revoked by a Beis Din of three (if they are not outstanding authorities) or a Yachid Mumcheh (an outstanding authority). The general method used is that Beis Din investigates whether the person would not have made the Neder in the first place had he been aware of a particular fact. This investigation provides the person with a "Pesach" (opening) with which the Beis Din can revoke the Neder.

(b)If there are no facts that the person who made the Neder was not aware of but, nevertheless, he now regrets making the Neder, there is a Machlokes Tana'im as to whether the fact that the person regrets having made the Neder ("Charatah") is enough of a Pesach to allow the Neder to be annulled. The Halachah follows the opinion that Charatah is a valid Pesach in and of itself.

5)[line 16]מי נדרתMI NADART?- would you have made the Neder?

6)[line 24]כדו תהיתKEDU TAHIS- Do you now regret having ever made a Neder?

7)[line 25]בעית נדורBA'IS NEDOR?- Do you desire your Neder; i.e. are you happy that you made a Neder but want to cancel it for the future?

8)[line 26]אילו לא מרגזין ליILU LO MARGEZIN LI- if certain people would not have angered me

9)[line 26]תהא כבעיתTEHEI K'VA'IS- it shall be as you desire; i.e. the Neder is annulled

10)[line 27]דאדרתה לברתהD'ADARTAH LI'VERATAH- who forbade her daughter with a Neder from having benefit from her or [from some of] her properties

11)[last line]מגירתיךMEGIRASICH- your neighbors