NAZIR 58 - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Reb Naftali ben Reb Menachem Mendel Bodner Z"L by his wife, Alice Bodner. A man who loved Chesed, Tuli Bodner applied his many talents to help everyone he knew in any way he could. His cheerful greeting is warmly remembered by all who knew him. He was Niftar on 5 Cheshvan 5765.


A NAZIR DURING SAFEK NEZIRUS (Yerushalmi Perek 8 Halachah 1 Daf 39b)

ר' יעקב דרומיא בעא קומי ר' יוסי ניטמא באותן הימים מה הן


Question (R. Yakov of the south, to R. Yosi): If [one of them] became Tamei during those days (when they wait for one of them to complete 100 days), what is the law? (If the 30 day Nazir became Tamei, there is no Korban Tum'ah, for he is past Melos. Therefore, they cannot bring Korban Tum'ah and stipulate - OHR SOMAYACH Hilchos Nezirus 6:5.)

אמר לו כמי שחבירו מבקש לו מאחד [דף מ עמוד א] מן השוק


Answer (R. Yosi): It is like [when one of them died, and] his colleague seeks from the market (a stranger to accept Nezirus on Tenai);

שתה יין בתוך שלשים יום הראשונים (אינו - קרבן העדה מוחקו) לוקה בתוך שלשים יום האחרונים [צ"ל אינו - קרבן העדה] לוקה


If [the Nazir] drank wine during the first 30 days, he is lashed (for he is a Vadai Nazir); during the latter 30 days (after they brought Korban Tum'ah and Korban Taharah), he is not lashed (perhaps he was not Tamei, so he finished his Nezirus).

הבא מן השוק אינו לוקה לא על (השניים) [צ"ל הראשונים] ולא על האחרונים


The [stranger] from the market is not lashed, not for the first [30 days] and not for the latter (since it is a Safek during which of them he is a Nazir).

עד כדון בשהתרו בו על זה בפני עצמו ועל זה בפני עצמו התרו בו על שניהן כאחד פלוגתא דר' יוחנן ורשב"ל


Limitation: This is if they warned him for this (drinking during the first 30) by itself and for this (drinking during the last 30) by itself. If they warned him for both of them at once [and he drank in both times], R. Yochanan and Reish Lakish argued about this;

דאיתפלגון בשני ימים טובים של גליות ר' יוחנן אמר מקבלין התרייה על ספק רשב"ל אמר אין מקבלין התרייה על ספק


They argued about the two days of Yom Tov of Chutz la'Aretz. R. Yochanan said, one receives warning [for both of them at once] based on Safek. Reish Lakish said, one does not receive warning based on Safek.

נזרתי ואיני יודע מה נזרתי אם לעכשיו אם לאחר זמן (אמר לו זו לעכשיו וזו) [צ"ל אומרים לו איזו לעכשיו ואוזו - ספר ניר] לאחר זמן


If one said I accepted Nezirus, but I do not know [when] I accepted, whether from now or later', we say to him - what is 'now', and what is 'afterwards'? (You must observe Nezirus from the first days until the end of the latter days. We explained this like SEFER NIR.)

שתה יין בתוך שלשים ימים הראשונים (לוקה בתוך שלשים האחרונים אינו) [צ"ל אינו לוקה בתוך שלשים האחרונים - קרבן העדה] לוקה


If he drank wine during the first 30 days, he is not lashed. During the latter 30 days, he is lashed.

וחש לומר שמא הראשונים בתוך נזירותו והאחרונים לאחר נזירותו


Question: You should be concerned to say that the first days were amidst his Nezirus, and the latter days were after his Nezirus!

כל ימי נזרו לעשות ימים שלאחר מלאת כבתוך מלאת ליין לטומאה ולתגלחת


Answer: "Kol Yemei Nizro" makes days after Melos [before bringing Korbanos] like within Melos regarding wine and shaving.

ויביא קרבנותיו חציים


Question: (R. Yehoshua objected, if he was Tahor, he brings his Korbanos in halves.) Let him bring his Korbanos in halves!

שלא תנעול תשובה מבית הוועד


Answer: [He knew that there is no problem if he brings his Korbanos in halves. He said so] lest [Talmidim] refrain from answering in the Beis Midrash. (Now, they will say that if R. Yehoshua could give such an answer, we need not refrain lest our answer is not good!)