Rashi (verse 19) writes that Achan maligned the lottery. Why did he admit now?


Rashi: He saw Bnei Yisrael preparing for war. He said, it is better that I die alone, than for thousands of Yisraelim to die.


What is the meaning of "vecha'Zos vecha'Zos Asis"?


Rashi: I took from other Charamim in the days of Moshe


Malbim (21): Also, I thought that the Cherem is only for Yericho's property, but not for Aderes Shin'ar (of Bavel). It was good; my Yetzer ha'Ra incited me to covet it. Metals (silver and gold) do not burn; they are for Otzar Hashem, so I thought that Cherem does not apply to them, only Me'ilah. They are buried



Rashi writes that Achan admitted to taking from other Charamim in the days of Moshe. How many other Charamim did he transgress?


Rashi (Bereishis 38:30): It says "Yad" four times regarding the birth of Zerach, to hint to four Charamim 1 that Achan, who descended from Zerach, contravened.


Radak #1, like Rav Asi (Sanhedrin 43b): He transgressed two others - vecha'Zos vecha'Zos.


R. Yochanan (Sanhedrin 43b): He transgressed four (Radak's text


Riva (38:28): One opinion (Sanhedrin 43b) says that he transgressed three, and the other says five! Rashi holds like the latter, and means that he transgressed four [in the days of Moshe] before of Yericho, for which he was caught. Gur Aryeh


Rashi writes that Achan took from other Charamim (plural) in the days of Moshe. He mentioned only one! What were the others?


Bereishis Rabah (85:14): There were the Cherem of Amalek, of Sichon and Og, and of Kena'ani (some texts


Rashi on the Midrash: The text is 'Midyan'. 'Amalek' is Kena'ani Melech Arad (Rashi above - refer to 7:20:2:1, Matanos Kehunah citing the Yerushalmi).


Maharzu on Bereishis Rabah 85:14: Even though we were permitted to take spoils from Sichon and Og, Achan took idolatry, which is Cherem (Pirkei d'R. Eliezer). We took spoils from Midyan; Achan did not give his share to the officers to divide among the soldiers.


Ran: It says in Shmuel (1:15:3) "v'Hikisah Es Amalek v'Hacharamtem." (Also when we fought Amalek (Shemos 17:8-13), there was a Cherem.

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