KESUVOS 60 (14 Nisan) - dedicated by Mr. D. Kornfeld l'Iluy Nishmas his grandmother, Chayah bas Aryeh Leib Shpira (nee Sole), on the day of her Yahrzeit.

KESUVOS 60 (19 Cheshvan) - dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Chaim Mordechai ben Harav Yisrael Azriel (Feldman) of Milwaukee, by the members of the Feldman family.

[60a - 49 lines; 60b - 55 lines]

1)[line 6]כל חד וחד כי חורפיהKOL CHAD V'CHAD KI CHURFEI- each child according to his rate of development (intelligence)

2)[line 8]לא תציתינהו להני כללי דכייל יהודה אחיLO TATZISINHU L'HANEI KELALEI D'CHAYIL YEHUDAH ACHI- do not give heed to my brother Yehudah's categorizations

3)[line 12]אותבה בדרי דנשיOSVAH B'DAREI D'NASHEI- he sat her in a row of women

4)[line 13]וקמהדר ליה עלייהוVEKA'MEHADER LEI ALAIHU- and he passed the child among them

5)[line 14]הות קא מסוי לאפהHAVAS KA MASVI L'APAH- he (the child) looked her in the face

6)[line 14]כבשתנהי לעינה מיניהKEVASHTINHI L'EINAH MINEI- she turned her eyes away from him

7)[line 15]נטף עיניךNETAF EINECHA- lift up your eyes

8)[line 15]קום דרי בריךKUM DARI BERICH- get up and carry your child

9)[line 16]סומא מנא ידעSUMA MENA YADA?- how does a blind child know

10)[line 16]בריחא ובטעמאB'REICHA UV'TA'AMA- through sense of smell and taste

11)[line 18]כיונק שקץK'YONEK SHEKETZ- as if suckling an abomination

12)[line 22]מהלכי שתיםMEHALCHEI SHTAYIM- (lit. those who walk upon two legs) humans

13)[line 31]מצות פרישהMITZVAS PERISHAH- there is not even a Rabbinic Mitzvah to refrain

14)[line 32]הא דפרישHA D'FARISH- this is true when it has become detached

15)[line 33]וחלופא בדםV'CHILUFA B'DAM- and the opposite is true of blood, which is permissible as long as it has not become detached

16)[line 34]מוצצוMOTZETZO- he may suck it

17)[line 39]גונחGONE'ACH- (O.F. plaignant) moaning from heart pain

18)[line 40]מפרק כלאחר ידMEFAREK KEL'ACHAR YAD

(a)Mefarek is a Toldah of Dash (threshing). The Melachah of Dash consists of separating a natural product from its natural container (e.g. wheat from chaff). Milking, also, separates the milk from its natural container, the udder.

(b)Whenever a Melachah of Shabbos is done in an abnormal fashion, the transgressor is not liable to the d'Oraisa punishments. He is said to have done the Melachah kel'Achar Yad (lit. using the back of the hand).

19)[line 42]גליאGALYA- (a) Gallia or Galatia in Asia Minor; (b) France (Gaul)

20)[line 43]צינור שעלו בו קשקשיןTZINOR SHE'ALU BO KASKASIN- a drainpipe which became overgrown with weeds which inhibit the water from flowing freely

21)[line 43]ממעכן ברגלוMEMA'ACHAN B'RAGLO- he may stamp it (the weeds) down with his foot


22)[line 7]אכריעACHRI'A- I will clarify

23)[line 11]נעכרNE'EKAR- becomes clouded; turbid

24)[line 14]אריסיהARISEI- the sharecropper of

25)[line 24]רהט בתריהRAHAT BASREI- he ran after him

26)[line 25]פרסא בחלאPARSAH B'CHALA- the distance of one Parsah (a Persian mile, or four Mil) while running in the sand

27)[line 25]ולא אדרכיהV'LO ADRECHEI- he did not catch him

28)[line 27]ביעתא בכותחאBEI'ASA B'CHUSCHA- an egg in Kutach ha'Bavli [which is dairy]

29)[line 27]לא לישרי אינישLO LISHRI INISH- one should not rule to permit

30)[line 28]דמיחזי כאפקירותאD'MECHEZEI K'AFKIRUSA- it seems like Chutzpah

31)[line 29]דלא מסתייעא מילתאD'LO MISTAYA MILSA L'MAEIMRA- it will not succeed

32)[line 30]הוה גמירנא ליהHAVAH GAMIRNA LEI- used to teach it

33)[line 38]דלא הדר בהוD'LO HADREI BEHU- he will not renege

34)[line 38]ואתון לא תסברוה מהא דתניאV'ATUN LO SISBERUHA ME'HA D'TANYA?- and would you not have known that it is prohibited from the following Beraisa?

35)[line 39]רדופה לילך לבית אביהREDUFAH LEILECH L'VEIS AVIHA- she had a tendency to go to her father's house

36)[line 45]לאו אדעתיןLAV A'DA'ATIN- I did not know

37)[line 46]וחנקתיהV'CHANAKTEI- and she choked him to death

38)[line 48]פסקה קימעאPASKAH KIM'A- the Beis Din apportioned her a small amount of Mezonos

39)[line 49]ממציא ליה טפיMEMATZYA LEI TEFEI- she will make more available to him

40)[line 51]כשותKESHUS- hops (O.F. homlon)

41)[line 51]וחזיזV'CHAZIZ- and young blades of growing grain

42)[line 51]ואדמהV'ADAMAH- and dirt

43)[line 51]קראKARA- pumpkin

44)[line 51]וחבושאV'CHAVUSHA- and quince

45)[line 51]קראKORA- the white heart or terminal bud of a palm tree

46)[line 52]וכופראV'KUFRA- and a date in its early stage of development

47)[line 52]כמכאKAMCHA- a dip which is prepared by cooking whey with stale bread and salt)

48)[line 52]והרסנאV'HARSENA- and small fish that are cooked with flour in their own juice and oil

49)[line 52]מינייהו פסקי חלבאMINAIHU PASKEI CHALBA- some of the above stop the flow of milk

50)[line 52]מינייהו עכרי חלבאMINAIHU AKREI CHELBA- some of the above ruin the milk

51)[line 52]דמשמשא בי ריחיאD'MESHAMSHA BEI REICHAYA- that have relations in the millhouse

52)[line 53]בני נכפיBNEI NICHPEI- epileptic children

53)[line 53]דמשמשא על ארעאD'MESHAMSHA AL AR'A- that have relations on the ground

54)[line 53]בני שמוטיBNEI SHEMUTEI- long necked children

55)[line 53]רמא דחמראRAMA D'CHAMRA- the blood of a donkey

56)[line 53]בני גירדניBNEI GIRDENEI- one who's hair falls out

57)[line 53]חרדלאCHARDELA- mustard seed

58)[line 54]בני זלזלניBNEI ZALZELANEI- ravenous children

59)[line 54]תחליTACHALEI- cress

60)[line 54]בני דולפניBNEI DULFANEI- teary-eyed children

61)[line 54]מוניניMONINEI- small fish

62)[line 54]בני מציצי עינאB'NEI METZITZEI EINA- children whose eyes blink constantly

63)[line 54]גרגושתאGARGUSHTA- (O.F. arzille) clay

64)[last line]בני מכועריBNEI MECHU'AREI- ugly children

65)[last line]בני אוכמיBNEI UCHMEI- dark skinned children