WHEN IS R. SHIMON MACHSHIR A PREDATED GET? (Yerushalmi Perek 2 Halachah 2 Daf 11a)

א"ר יוחנן לא אמר ר' שמעון אלא בלילה אבל למחר אוף רבי שמעון מודה.


(R. Yochanan): R. Shimon [is Machshir a predated Get] only if it was [written during the day and signed] at night, but Machar (the next day), even R. Shimon agrees [that it is Pasul].

ריש לקיש אמר לא שנייא הוא לילה הוא למחר הוא לאחר כמה.


(Reish Lakish): There is no difference between night, Machar or after several days. (R. Shimon is Machshir in every case.)

היידן הוא למחר.


Question: What is 'Machar' (that R. Yochanan says that R. Shimon disqualifies)?

ר' חנניה ור' מנא חד אמר למחר. וחרנא אמר מחרא דמחר.


Answer: R. Chananyah and R. Mana - one of them said the next day, and the other said, the day after the next day.

וקשיא (דר' יוחנן על דרבי שמעון לקיש) [צ"ל על דר"י לא - קרבן העדה] כן א"ר בא בשם רבי זעירא אתיא דרבי שמעון (בן לקיש) כר' אלעזר כמה דר"א אמר אף על פי שאין עליו עדים כשר כן ר' שמעון אומר אף על פי שאין עליו עדים כשר.


Question (against R. Yochanan): Didn't R. Ba say in the name of R. Ze'ira, that R. Shimon holds like R. Elazar? Just like R. Elazar says that even though there are no witnesses on [the Get], it is Kosher [through Edei Mesirah], so R. Shimon says that [Gitin of Nochri courts,] even though there are no [Yisrael] witnesses on it, it is Kosher [through Edei Mesirah. The Get does not depend on the signatures!]

אמר ר' שמואל אחוי דרבי ברכיה כאן ברוצה לחתמו. וכאן בשאינו רוצה לחתמו.


Answer (R. Shmuel, the brother of R. Berachiyah): Here (in our Mishnah), he wants to sign [witnesses on his Get before giving it. Therefore, it is not a Get until it is signed.] Here (Gitin of Nochri courts), he does not want to sign [Kosher witnesses] on it. (It is Kosher through Edei Mesirah alone.)

אמר לעשרה חתמו בגט זה וחתמו מקצתן היום ולמחר מקצתן. רבי שמעון בן לקיש אמר כשר והשאר על תנאי.


If one told 10 men 'sign on this Get', and some of them signed today, and some of the signed tomorrow - Reish Lakish said, it is Kosher. [He intended only that two be witnesses,] and the rest sign only to fulfill his stipulation (so they need not sign the same day);

ר' יוחנן אמר פסול עד שיחתמו כולן בו ביום.


R. Yochanan said that it is Pasul, unless all of them sign the same day (for all of them are witnesses. Therefore, it is not enough to testify about two of the signatures. According to Reish Lakish, the husband wanted only two witnesses, so it suffices to testify about two of them.)

רבי יעקב בר אידי בשם רבי יהושע בן לוי מעשה באחד שאמר לעשרה חתמו בגט וחתמו מקצתן היום ומקצתן למחר אתא עובדא קומי רבנין וכשרין (וחשון) [צ"ל כר"ש וחשין לרבנן - ספר ניר]


(R. Yakov bar Acha citing R. Yehoshua ben Levi): A case occurred in which one told 10 'sign the Get', and some of them signed today, and some of the signed tomorrow. The case came in front of Rabanan. They were Machshir like R. Shimon [because it was pressed circumstances, but l'Chatchilah they would be] concerned for Rabanan.

הדא מסייעא לרבי יוחנן מן דרבנין ופליגא עלוי (על) [צ"ל מן - קרבן העדה] דרבי שמעון הדא מסייעא לר' שמעון בן לקיש מן דרבי שמעון ופליגא עלוי מן דרבנין:


This [episode] supports R. Yochanan from Rabanan (they were concerned for Rabanan, because all of them are witnesses and they did not sign on the same day), and argues with him from R. Shimon (they were Machshir in pressed circumstances like R. Shimon, even though some signed Machar, unlike R. Yochanan said). It supports Reish Lakish from R. Shimon (it shows that R. Shimon is Machshir even when they signed Machar), and argues with him from Rabanan (who hold that all of them are witnesses).


Note: According to the opinion said that 'Machar' is the day after the next day, R. Yochanan can say that here, they signed the next day, and this is why it was Kosher according to R. Shimon! (PF)