ERUVIN 66 (4 Sivan) - Dedicated by Rabbi Kornfeld's father, Mr. David Kornfeld, in memory of the members of his family who perished at the hands of the Nazi murderers in the Holocaust, Hashem Yikom Damam: His mother (Mirel bas Yakov Mordechai), brothers (Shraga Feivel, Aryeh Leib and Yisachar Dov sons of Mordechai), grandfather (Reb Yakov Mordechai ben Reb David Shpira) and aunt (Charne bas Yakov Mordechai, the wife of Reb Moshe Aryeh Cohen zt'l). Their Yahrzeit is observed on 4 Sivan.


A CHATZER THAT OPENS TO TWO MAVO'OS (Yerushalmi Perek 6 Halachah 2 Daf 38b)

רבי ירמיה בשם רב חצר שיש לה שני פתחים וישראל ועכו"ם דרין בתוכה בישראל את מהלך אחר הרגיל ובעכו"ם את מהלך אחר שאינו רגיל


(R. Yirmeyah citing Rav): A Chatzer with two openings [to different Mavo'os], and Yisraelim or Nochrim dwell in it - regarding the Yisrael, you follow the Ragil (he forbids only the opening that he normally uses). Regarding the Nochrim, you follow [even] what is not Ragil (he forbids both).

היה ישראל מיכן וישראל מיכן ועכו"ם באמצע אחד ישראל ואחד עכו"ם הולכין אחר הרגיל.


If there was a Yisrael here (at one end of the Chatzer) and a Yisrael here (at the other end,) and a Nochri in the middle, both regarding Yisrael and Nochri, you follow the Ragil (we say that he uses only the opening that he normally uses. We explained this like SHA'AREI TORAS ERETZ YISRAEL.)

ביטל רשותו הרגיל נעשה שאינו רגיל רגיל השכיר רשותו הרגיל נעשה שאינו רגיל רגיל


If [a Yisrael] was Mevatel his Reshus [in the Mavuy he] normally used, the one that he did not normally use becomes Ragil for him. [Also] if he rented his Ragil Reshus, the one that was not Ragil becomes Ragil.

עירב שאינו רגיל לא הותר הרגיל.


If he was Me'arev with the one that was not Ragil, Ragil is not permitted [until he does so three times].

גר תושב ועבד תושב מומר בגילוי פנים הרי הוא כעכו"ם לכל דבר.


A Ger Toshav or Eved Toshav [Nochri or slave who accepted to observe his seven Mitzvos], or Mumar (he openly transgresses Shabbos), he is like a Nochri in every way.