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Moishe Freund asked:

lichvod harav

yuma 65b has r' zeira saying we do not do hagrala from 1 year to another. a member of our shiur asked if the sa'ir would be in another

goral, it may go from lahashem to azozel and then be yored in kedusha. is this a valid question and if so please elaborate.

kol tuv

moishe freund , CLEVELAND O.

The Kollel replies:

I think that what we wrote in the Insights to that Daf deals with your question as well. In the Insights, we discussed whether it is possible to change the status of the Se'ir by "rechoosing" it in another Goral on the following year. Here's what we said:

Be well, Mordecai



QUESTION: The Gemara asks that if it is true that this year's Korbanos may be used for next year, as Rebbi Yehudah says (65a), why is this year's Se'ir la'Shem not brought next year? That is, in a case where the Se'ir la'Shem became lost and another Chatas was brought in its place and then the Se'ir was found, that Se'ir should be offered the next Yom Kipur (and not put to death). The Gemara answers that the Goral from last year does not help for the following year, and therefore the Se'ir la'Shem cannot be brought as the Chatas la'Shem next year, because a new Goral needs to be made. The Gemara asks that if a new Goral needs to be made, then just make a new Goral on this Se'ir next year!

What is the Gemara's question? If this Se'ir has already been chosen by the previous year's Goral to be the Se'ir la'Shem, then how can a new Goral be made on this Se'ir? If a new Goral is made, perhaps the Goral will choose this Se'ir not as the one la'Shem, but as the Se'ir la'Azazel! But if it was already sanctified as the Se'ir la'Shem, it cannot be brought as the Se'ir la'Azazel!


(a) The TOSFOS HA'ROSH and TOSFOS YESHANIM appear to understand that when the Gemara says that the Goral from last year does not work for next year, it means that the effects of last year's Goral are annulled. Consequently, this Se'ir is no longer designated as the Se'ir la'Shem. However, its designation as one of the two Se'irim of Yom Kipur remains, and therefore it should be used as one of the two Se'irim for the next Yom Kipur, when a new Goral is performed.

(b) The MENACHEM MESHIV NEFESH says that the Gemara means that the Se'ir should be saved for the following year, and when a new Goral is performed, perhaps this Se'ir will again be selected as the Se'ir la'Shem and it will be able to be used. If it is not selected as the Se'ir la'Shem, then it will indeed be put to death.

(c) The DIKDUKEI SOFRIM points out that the earlier manuscripts (such as the K'sav Yad Munich) omit this question entirely from the Gemara.