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michael plaskow asked:

Why does the Baraisa omit the application of the ear? In Sidra Metzora, passuk 17 it states "Ozen hameetaher hayemonis". Is this unusual where the gemara omits an item namely the ear, whereas two other items, namely thumb and toe in the same verse, are dealt with?

michael plaskow, Netanya, Israel

The Kollel replies:

Dear Micheal

Thanks for your question. First let me point out that we are dealing with a Mishnah, not a Beraisa. Indeed the Mishnah (Nega'im 14:9) specifies all three possibilities: One lacking a thumb, big toe, or right ear. It is not clear why our Gemara chose to omit the issue of the ear. Perhaps this was done for the sake of being concise. However, the point you raise is a valid one.

Kol tuv,

Y. Landy