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yaakov shemesh asked:

ulla said on the top of 61a that our mishna talks about a case where the blood of the goat was placed on the paroches before the blood of the bull and therefore you dont have to slaughter another bull you just have to spray the bulls blood and then the goats again. the question is, if the mishna speaks of that case then how can r' yehudah say that only services performed in the kodesh hakadashim are essential to be perfomed in order, this law of the mishna clearly contradicts him? As ulla points out, it says that even applications in the heichal must be redone if performed out of order?

yaakov shemesh, staten island, u.s

The Kollel replies:

The text of Rabeinu Chananel indicates that in his text of the Gemara, the Gemara itself seems to ask that this is unlike Rebbi Yehuda. The Gemara answers that this too (see 60b), is a "Tzorech Pnim." However, I saw that the Rash mi'Dessoy apparently did not have this text (like our Gemaros), as he says that this is an indicator that we do not Pasken like Rebbi Yehudah.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose